Monday, October 13, 2014

Kandy with a K Gets the Cane

Strippers, they live in a world where they seem to think that rules do not apply to them. Outlaw runs a tight ship at his bar. If a Stripper gets three strikes it's either out the door or they take a spanking to keep their job. Kandy has been spanked twice before. This time Outlaw decides it's the cane for her. 

 Kandy gets spanked, ass fucked, then caned. This is a lesson that she will never forget. 

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Friday, October 10, 2014


This could be one of our most under rated movies: Nadia's Xmas Spanking 

Nadia is a 18 year old stripper, who like most strippers and girls of her age just can't stay out of trouble. Her boss decides to get her a hard spanking with a paddle when it is discovered she is using drugs at work.   

Nadia has been a very bad stripper, she has been caught on the security cameras in the dressing room smoking pot. Her boss is very upset. He decides if she wants to keep her job he is going to give her a very hard spanking. First he spanks her over her jeans very hard. She cries but he decides she hasn't learned her lesson. He makes her take her pants off and lays into her with no mercy, she cries screams and begs for mercy. He then makes her take the panties off and uses a paddle on her bare bottom. After the spanking he fucks her and makes her suck his dick.

Nadia's Xmas Spanking Trailer 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Reform School Girls Spanked Starring Britney and Ms. Mocker.  Britney is a naughty girl that has been sent to the reform school for girls for using drugs. When she is caught lying Ms. Mocker takes Britney OTK and gives her a long hard spanking. Later she is caught with drugs and is sent to the principle for a hard belting on the bare. She cries like all naughty girls do.

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Friday, October 3, 2014

Lesbian Cheaters Get Spanked

Cheaters Get Spanked: When Sierra (black girl) catches Traci (blonde) cheating on her with another girl she decides to punish her with a spanking. She makes her take her dress off and gives Traci a bare bottom spanking that leaves Traci's bottom bright red and Traci begging for mercy. Sierra decides that this is not enough to satisfy her and bends her over a table and both spanks and fucks her with a double headed dildo. When their boss catches them goofing off he bends them both over and takes a paddle to their asses. Both girls and begging and crying before he is done.

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