Saturday, July 8, 2017

Rose Monroe Punished at Reform School.

Ridel School For Wayward Young Ladies was established in 1904 as a means to put errant young women and girls on the right path. Not politically correct Ridel uses corporal punishment to correct these young ladies. They have a very high success rate. "Irish" Rose Monroe is typical of today's youth, disrespectful and rude. She isn't very good at listening or following commands. Upon arrival (she was sentenced to 3 years at the school for drugs and prostitution) she is given a school uniform. Instead of donning the uniform she dresses like she did in her old life as a prostitute. Unfortunately she attracts the attention of the principle of the school. he gives her a hard OTK spanking on her bare bottom, then takes her down to the basement punishment room for a long more invasive punishment.

Rose Monroe Punished at Reform School

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