Thursday, April 12, 2018

Reform School Girls: Rickie Bobbi vs the Board of Education

19 Year old Ricki Bobbi was living a life of crime, drugs, petty theft and prostitution. This gets her the maxium sentence at Ridel Reform School. She must stay at the school until she turns 21 years of age, failure to complete the school's regiment will land her behind bars in the Oklahoma Department of Corrections. Her first few weeks at the school are uneventful, Ricki does her school work and is well on the way to earning her GED. Then things start going the wrong way, she tries to revert back to her old ways, she smarts off to Vice Principle Mocker and is assigned detention. Following detention she is supposed to paint the principles office. When the principle unexpectedly shows up and catches her using a sex toy on herself and the work sloppily done there is hell to pay. After a stern lecture he decides gives her a severe over the knee spanking with his hand and the Canadian prison strap. Less than a third of the way through she is crying and pleading but that doesn't help her any, the principle lays it on harder and harder. She is crying and clearly relieved when he stop spanking her but unfortunately for Ricki he gives her a hard strapping with his belt that leaves her crying and scream with the tears running out her very red eyes and her amble bottom very sore. With her still bent over the desk with her big black bottom high in the air he removes the “Board of Education” a nasty oak paddle from his desk. He is not satisfied until she has raised big black bruises on her bottom. Still crying he makes her suck him off and shoots a monster load down her throat. Ricki promises never to be a naughty girl every again.


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