Saturday, December 29, 2018

The Number one issue at Ridell School for Wayward Young Ladies and Girls is drug use. The Abuse of narcotics has been the ruin of many young women and girls in this country for a very long time. During an intake reception cavity search it is found that Kelly Thomas has been concealing a quantity of in her vagina. Ridell (established 1904 by a mysterious order of Monks) is known to solve disciplinary matters with corporal punishment. Kelly is new to the institution so she is about to find out how serious and painful a spanking can be, which is administered on her ample bare bottom. The principle comes in and takes Kelly over his knee and gives her a incredibly hard hand spanking. Kelly's pleading starts almost immediately and she makes the mistake of offering “sexual favors” to make her punishment stop. This only makes the principle spank her harder and he soon takes off his belt and continues whipping her OTK. This starts to accomplish the desired effect and this disrespectful young woman soon becomes a very contrite young lady. The principle however is not satisfied and he makes her bend over the bed where he continues her belt punishment then with no break, with her still crying, he makes her assume the position and paddles her with the “board of education”. This feared paddle has made it's way across many bare bottoms of many young ladies over the year. Still not satisfied the principle takes her (still crying) down to the punishment room where she is made to ride a dildo while he gives her a severe caning. Before it is done this is one wellspanked young lady. She has learned a harsh and painful lesson and hopefully she will discontinue her drug use because if she doesn't you can bet that she will be bent over and spanked again and again. 

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