Monday, March 23, 2020

Smiley in the Punishment Room

Poor Little 18 Year old Smiley has been sentenced to 2 years in the Ridel Reform school for Wayward Women and girls. Much to her horror corporal punishment is practiced at the school for misbehaving girls. After a few preliminary spanking from the staff at the school, Smiley doesn't seem to be learning her lesson. Something more is required to improve this naughty girls behavior. When she starts skipping her GED classes the principles steps in and he sends her to the punishment room. In the punishment room serious discipline issues are dealt with my by the old monk. He is a discipline of the order Marquis De Sade. He first hooks her up to the fucking machine then uses a paddle on her bared ass to drive his point across. Poor Smiley she is not smiling now because it is hard to smile through tears. She is crying and pleading before it is over, with tears running down her pretty face, she promises to be a better girls in the future. When the monk decides she has learned her lesson he lets her orgasm. She has learned an important lesson on this day about pain and pleasure.

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