Saturday, December 26, 2020

Tardy Too Often

Sandra Robinson has been at the reform school for over 6 months. Amazingly she has avoided being spanked in all that time. This streak is going to come to an end today however, it’s Friday and she has been late for class everyday this week. Despite repeated warnings not only was she late Friday morning but she talked back, to the Principle. Never a good idea to make the person mad who is going to be spanking your bare bottom. Sandra is a very cute girl with blonde curly hair and a pretty face. She is only 18 and her parents didn’t believe in spanking. This is going to be a very unpleasant surprise for this naughty girl.

Over the Principle’s lap she goes, before long she is in distress and saying “Okay, I’ve had enough”, but our man the Principle has other ideas and just goes right on spanking her. Soon he makes her get up and not only take her panties off but her whole school uniform. He has her sobbing and crying (like all naughty girls, who get a bare bottom spanking) and promising to never be late again. For good measure he makes the little minx stick her ass up in the air and gives her a long ride on the fucking machine.

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