Friday, November 10, 2017

Sierra In the Punishment Room

It seem that these days there is no shortage of young ladies with a disrespectful attitude. At Ridel's ReForm School for Wayward Young Women and Girls this kind of behavior is not tolerated. The harshest punishments are dealt with in the punishment roomusing corporal punishment, on the bare bottom. Sierra has been disrespectful to the staff at Ridel, even to the point of slapping Ms. Mocker. When extreme behavior modification is called for the monk is brought in. Sierra is taken to the punishment roomby the old monk. First he takes her over the knee for a long hard spanking that leaves her in tears. She is strapped, paddled with three different paddles (he keeps braking them over her ass) caned and then ass fucked by a fuck machine while he spanks her ass (with cane and paddle). She cries, begs and pleads like all naughty young girls do when they are getting a bare bottomed spanking. She moans and orgasms when being fucked by the fuck machine. This film runs for over 30 minutes. It features hard spanking (cane, paddle, strap), anal sex and Bdsm.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

19 Year old Ricki Bobbi was living a life of crime, drugs, petty theft and prostitution. This gets her the maxium sentence at Ridel Reform School. She must stay at the school until she turns 21 years of age, failure to complete the school's regiment will land her behind bars in the Oklahoma Department of Corrections. Her first few weeks at the school are uneventful, Ricki does her school work and is well on the way to earning her GED. Then things start going the wrong way, she tries to revert back to her old ways, she smarts off to Vice Principle Mocker and is assigned detention. Following detention she is supposed to paint the principles office. When the principle unexpectedly shows up and catches her using a sex toy on herself and the work sloppily done there is hell to pay. After a stern lecture he decides gives her a severe over the knee spanking with his hand and the Canadian prison strap. Less than a third of the way through she is crying and pleading but that doesn't help her any, the principle lays it on harder and harder. She is crying and clearly relieved when he stop spanking her but unfortunately for Ricki he gives her a hard strapping with his belt that leaves her crying and scream with the tears running out her very red eyes and her amble bottom very sore. With her still bent over the desk with her big black bottom high in the air he removes the “Board of Education” a nasty oak paddle from his desk. He is not satisfied until she has raised big black bruises on her bottom. Still crying he makes her suck him off and shoots a monster load down her throat. Ricki promises never to be a naughty girl every again.


Monday, October 30, 2017

3 Spanked Sisters

These three girls think that they got away with a bad report card. They change the grades to make it look like they all got A's but when Dad calls the school he finds out the real story. Two out of the three flunked and the other is barely passing. He tells them that they will all be spanked on the bare bottom, the girls laugh, they think he is bluffing but when they get home he takes them one at a time over his knee and spanks them till they cry and there bottoms are red and blistered. Kelly admits to changing the grades and she gets the paddle on the bare.


Thursday, October 26, 2017

Little Ava Crier is a Georgia peach that is sent to live with her uncle for a school semester. Her parents are in the middle of a divorce and Ava is acting out and making things worse. Her parents have never spanked Ava but agrees that she needs discipline of the highest order and Uncle Outlaw is a Disciplinarian Principle at a reform school for young women. At first everything goes according to plan. Outlaw has warned her that he will spank her severely if her behavior warrants it. Then Ava gets in trouble at junior college for fighting and is expelled for three days. How embarrassing that a 19 year old girls acts like a child and is suspended. Needless to say Outlaw is not happy and has his niece meet him at his office ASAP. He sends his sectary away and tells Ava that she is going to receive corporal punishment. He takes her over his knee on a couch in his office and lays into her ass. He tells her that she is going to cry and she is crying before he even makes her take her pants and panties down. When the panties come down she soon comes to understand what a real bare bottom spanking is all about and why it should be avoided at all costs. With her still crying he makes her bend over the desk and ass fucks her with a dildo but the punishment truly starts when Outlaw takes off his thick leather belt. This is one punishment that Ava will never forget.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Nadia's Wet Bottom Spanking and Ass Fucking

Nadia's Punishment

Little Nadia continues to be naughty and disrespectful, this time it is time for a proper punishment. Outlaw spanks her on a wet bottom and uses the nasty prison strap, the spoon, and a leather paddle which makes her scream and cry. The tear pour out of her eyes. Just when she thinks it's over it is time for a brutal ass fucking. This is our most Popular movie.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Reform School Girls: Kelly Thomas, The Board of Education

Kelly Thomas is a very defiant and naughty girl. She gets in trouble with the administrators of Ridel Reform School on her very first day. Court order to report she under goes the intake cavity search. Drugs is found on her person. Normally this would result in a bare bottom hand spanking (for first offense) and detention but Kelly increases her punishment by talking about to Ms. Mocker so principle Outlaw is called in. Kelly is paddled, strapped and caned before her "big mouth issue" is corrected.


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Just Busted Bailey

Young Bailey is in trouble again and this time it is not just her ass that gets spanked. Outlaw power fucks her tight little asshole with a double headed dildo until she screams.