Saturday, September 23, 2017

Samantha Mattingly Punished at the Reform School.

Samantha Mattingly has anger issues and takes it out on the front door of the School. The principle has to replace it and since Samantha can't pay for the door he decides to take the price of the door out of her soon to be bare ass. He spanks her over the knee with hand and a nasty little paddle that makes her cry. If she puts her hands back or cusses he gives her extra swats. After the spanking he makes her use a dildo on her ass while he continues to spank her. She cums at the end screaming. Tears are still running down her pretty cheeks. 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Cheaters Get Spanked

Cheaters Get Spanked.

Sierra becomes suspicious of Traci, her lover. Traci is spending more and more time “at work” coming home late and often drunk when she finally does come home. When one night she doesn't come home at all then she really becomes mad. Traci makes a lame excuse about working all night but once she goes to sleep, Sierra starts going through her phone. She finds that Traci has been fired from her job and is now working at a strip club and that Traci is having an affair with some of the girls at the club along with her boss. Sierra pulls her out of bed by the hair and starts spanking her hard with her hand then a nasty wooden paddle. This isn't enough though and she bends her over a table and starts fucking her with a double dildo very roughly leaving Traci well punished. When Traci's boss shows up and finds that Traci's butt is too red and welted from spanking for her to work her shift he becomes mad and spanks and paddles both girls. Before he is through both girls have bright red bottoms, tears in their eyes and promise never to cheat again.

Friday, September 15, 2017

3 Hours Late

3 Hours Late:

Can you imagine showing up 3 hours late for a job interview with a lame excuse? This stripper did.To make matters worse she has been fired from the club before because guessed it, excessive tardiness. The boss tells her that if she wants the job then she will have to take a spanking. She thought she'd be let off easy. Boy was she in for a surprise. Extreme spanking action and she gets fucked in the end. She cries and screams all through the spanking. Watch the tears flow out of her eyes. Very Hard Spanking action! Then when she thinks it is over she is fucked and fucked hard all this on her very red and welted bottom. 


Thursday, September 14, 2017

Tears For Tie

What do you do with a girl that just can't be anywhere on time? Well Outlaw decides to give Tie a severe spanking in hopes this will teach her the importance of being there. He starts out with a OTK spanking, Tie is bawling in record time. He then bends her over the chair with some nasty swats with his thong shoe that is made out of an tire. She crying like a baby, because real spankings result in tears.


Monday, September 11, 2017

Severe Series: The Country Switch

The Order of Saint de Sade is a mysterious order of monks that established Ridell School for Wayward Young Ladies in 1904. The order was thought to have been established around the early 1800's by the Marquis de Sade himself. The order is know for their dedication to corporal punishment. Few people are thought to know more about the infliction of pain and pleasure than the monks. There are only a few of the old monks left at the school and unfortunately Leila Jackson she has drew the attention of one of them. Once again Ms. Jackson has been caught with drugs stuck way her her ass in an attempt to avoid detection. When will she learn that the school is just too observant for her? Ms. Jackson is made to go OTK of the old monk for a hard spanking with hand and paddle at this point she thinks she has gotten off light but then the old monk makes her go pick a nasty birch switch from one of the birch trees that grows on the grounds of the school. Grabbing her ankles, assuming the position, the monk gives her a painful switching that leaves her in tears. This is a very intense spanking. Still crying and with obvious welts on her bottom she is fucked long and her with the fuck machine until she orgasms.

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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Accountant is held Accountable

Accountant is held Accountable 

Big butted Sara is Outlaw's red headed accountant. She messes up Outlaw's tax info for Outlaw Spanking and the Gentlemen's club, not to mention his personal taxes as well. She costs Outlaw over five hundred dollars in late filing fees. I guess you know what that means. Outlaw gives her a no nonsense hard OTK hand spanking that leaves her crying real tears and begging for a lighter punishment. He doesn't seem to be listening though, as he has her bend her over and takes the strap to her naked ass (it turns bright fire engine red) then then gives her a one hard one with the paddle. She begs for any other punishment so Outlaw makes her double insert herself with a dildo in her ass and a dildo in her pussy. He works the dildo in and out of her ass without mercy.


Friday, September 8, 2017

Just Busted Hollie

IN this Video Series we wrote girls/women that were arrested and incarcerated in the local County Jail and offered to pay their court costs (when they go out) if they would do a spanking Video. Hollie responded to our letter and agrees to take a spanking to help defer her court costs. First Hollie is taken OTK and given a long hard hand spanking first over her dress, then on her very bare bottom. She is then bent over the bed for a long hard belt strapping on her bare bottom that leaves her crying uncontrollably before it is over. Still sobbing and pleading she is made to assume the position and take a hard spanking from a wooden paddle. After the spanking is is horny and is allowed to please her self with a long double headed dildo. Very hard spanking action.