Monday, March 23, 2020

Smiley in the Punishment Room

Poor Little 18 Year old Smiley has been sentenced to 2 years in the Ridel Reform school for Wayward Women and girls. Much to her horror corporal punishment is practiced at the school for misbehaving girls. After a few preliminary spanking from the staff at the school, Smiley doesn't seem to be learning her lesson. Something more is required to improve this naughty girls behavior. When she starts skipping her GED classes the principles steps in and he sends her to the punishment room. In the punishment room serious discipline issues are dealt with my by the old monk. He is a discipline of the order Marquis De Sade. He first hooks her up to the fucking machine then uses a paddle on her bared ass to drive his point across. Poor Smiley she is not smiling now because it is hard to smile through tears. She is crying and pleading before it is over, with tears running down her pretty face, she promises to be a better girls in the future. When the monk decides she has learned her lesson he lets her orgasm. She has learned an important lesson on this day about pain and pleasure.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Ricki Bobbi vs The Board of Education

19 Year old Ricki Bobbi was living a life of crime, drugs, petty theft and . This gets her the maximum sentence at Ridel Reform School. She must stay at the school until she turns 21 years of age, failure to complete the school's regiment will land her behind bars in the Oklahoma Department of Corrections. Her first few weeks at the school are uneventful, Ricki does her school work and is well on the way to earning her GED. Then things start going the wrong way, she tries to revert back to her old ways, she smarts off to Vice Principle Mocker and is assigned detention. Following detention she is supposed to paint the principles office. When the principle unexpectedly shows up and catches her using a sex toy on herself and the work sloppily done there is hell to pay. After a stern lecture he decides gives her a severe over the knee spanking with his hand and the Canadian prison strap. Less than a third of the way through she is crying and pleading but that doesn't help her any, the principle lays it on harder and harder. She is crying and clearly relieved when he stop spanking her but unfortunately for Ricki Bobbi he gives her a hard strapping with his belt that leaves her crying and scream with the tears running out her very red eyes and her amble bottom very sore. With her still bent over the desk with her big black bottom high in the air he removes the “Board of Education” a nasty oak paddle from his desk. He is not satisfied until she has raised big black bruises on her bottom. Still crying he makes her suck him off and shoots a monster load down her throat. Through tear filled eyes, Ricki promises never to be a naughty girl every again.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

The Punishment of Nurse Kelly

                          The Punishment of Nurse Kelly! 

A very naughty Nikki Swat returns in Punished Nurse Kelly. Reform school Student Nurse Kelly has been found resting at her post. Doctor Bridgewater doesn't waste anytime and takes her straight to the punishment room. Nurse Kelly tries to bargain her way out of her punishment with sex and even tells the Doctor that they police are going to show up because of her screams. No one can hear you scream in the punishment room but the other girls. Poor Kelly she is spanked paddled and fucked on the fucking machine. Before it is over she learns an important lesson about patient care.

Monday, January 27, 2020

Little Alasandra has gone and done it now. Her bruises aren't even healed from her first Reform School Spanking and she goes and disrespects the staff "Telling Ms. Mocker to go FUCK YOURSELF" Back to the Punishment room she goes, this time the principle uses several paddles and straps on her bare unprotected ass. Then he gives her 24 hard swats with the cane. Her butt is stripped by the time he finishes and she is crying uncontrollably.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Alasandra's first day at the Reform School

Credit Card Fraud earns 18 year old Alasandra a 3 year sentence to the reform school. Typical young lady Alasandra is ill mannered rude, and disrespectful. To top it all off she is 24 minutes late in reporting and demands that she be allowed cigarettes and her medical Mary Jane. Poor Alasandra is she in for a rude awakening. If she read the pamphlet she was given by the judge she would have known that all those things are not permitted in reform school. She would also know that she was subject to corporal punishment during her time at the reform school Poor girl is going to find this out the hard way. Her first day is going to be very traumatic for her hand spanked, paddled, strapped, and a taste of the cane. To top it all off she is getting fucked in the ass with the fucking machine. Before it is over this naughty girl will have her attitude adjusted.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Zen and the Art of Spanking

Unlucky for Shy the club she works at has a three strike rule. After 3 major violations of the club rules an employee can expect to be fired but there is one escape clause, the girl can agree to take a spanking instead.. After picking up her third strike Shy has decided that she rather take a hard spanking instead of being terminated. She is first bent over the back of the couch for a hard hand spanking, when she proves she can not hold still the spanking goes Over the knee, she is held down and spanked to tears. She then must assume the position for paddle swats the with Lexan paddle which causes the tears to flow uncontrollably, Rather than take anymore with the paddle she gets a painfull ass fucking to make sure she doesn't forget her lesson. Hard Spanking and Anal Sex.

Friday, January 10, 2020

The Reformatory Cane: Spanked and Ass Fucked

When Little Nikki is caught acting suspiciously the principle takes her for a penetrating cavity search which turns up a quantity of drugs. Nikki is really in for it now because she has just recently been punished for smoking and a dirty UA now that she has been caught bring drugs into the reform school she is now at the principle's mercy. He can send her to prison is he wants. Nikki begs for anything else. The principle bends her over paddles her little bottom then out comes the big dildo and the fuck machine. The Principle decides to let the “punishment fit the crime” he fucks her in the ass with the fuck machine. You bring drugs in your ass, you get fucked in your ass. To make sure that Nikki learns her lesson he canes her for good measure and spanks her with a nasty bath brush and paddle.