Sunday, September 13, 2020

Sandra: Tardy Too Often

Sandra Robinson has been at the reform school for over 6 months. Amazingly she has avoided being spanked in all that time. This streak is going to come to an end today however, it’s Friday and she has been late for class everyday this week. Despite repeated warnings not only was she late Friday morning but she talked back, to the Principle. Never a good idea to make the person mad who is going to be spanking your bare bottom. Sandra is a very cute girl with blonde curly hair and a pretty face. She is only 18 and her parents didn’t believe in spanking. This is going to be a very unpleasant surprise for this naughty girl.

Over the Principle’s lap she goes, before long she is in distress and saying “Okay, I’ve had enough”, but our man the Principle has other ideas and just goes right on spanking her. Soon he makes her get up and not only take her panties off but her whole school uniform. He has her sobbing and crying (like all naughty girls, who get a bare bottom spanking) and promising to never be late again. For good measure he makes the little minx stick her ass up in the air and gives her a long ride on the fucking machine.

Friday, September 11, 2020

Ava Suspended from School


Ava, the 18 year old step daughter has just gotten herself suspended from school for showing up for class both Tipsy and high. Her step father has his sectary pick her up from school and bring her to his office. He is not very happy he lets her know it. He tells her she is going to get a severe spanking and makes her wait nervously until after everyone has left his office for the day. Once they are alone her punishment starts. First she is given a severe hand spanking over her tight shorts after a few minutes of this she starts to groan after each and every swat. She thinks her punishment is over but he makes her get up and take her shorts and panties off. Once these are down he renews her spanking with increased vigor and the tears start falling from her eyes. Each swat is harder and hard until she is crying uncontrollably. He ends her hand spanking with a hard flurry of spanks and makes her count each one. He then makes her get up on all fours on the examination table. He takes a long plastic dildo and fucks her in her little tight ass, though means it as a punishment Ava starts enjoying it and comes while on all fours. Step dad decides that since she came it obviously wasn't a punishment. He decides to take his belt off and give her a real punishment. She cries and screams throughout the strapping (filmed from two different angles you get to see her ass and facial expression) runs for over 30 minutes!
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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

The Shoplifter, Caned, Spanked and Ass Fucked

When the head of security catches Alexa shoplifting from his store he is very upset. He puts her in cuffs and tells her he must call the police. Alexa first gives her name as “Tasty” and begs him not to send her to jail. She tries to offer sexual favors to keep herself out of county lock up. The security officers has a counter proposal, he is a firm believer in corporal punishment, “Tasty” can take a hard bare bottom spanking that will teach her an important lesson about stealing or she can go to jail. 
“Tasty” tells him that a spanking will do her good and readily volunteers to take the punishment. He takes her in the back room and bends her over making her remove her panties and pulling up her dress. She goes over his knee for a blistering hand spanking. He questions her all through it and under dress she admits that her real name is Alexa. The spanking progresses in intensity, he pulls off his leather sandal and spanks her bare bottom with it, pretty Alexa starts to cry.

Made to "assume the position" he brings out the paddle and cane and uses it on her bare bottom. Crying softly she promises to never steal again. Just to make sure he fucks her in her well punished ass! Poor girl, I don't think that she will ever steal again!

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Thursday, September 3, 2020

The Cousins Part 2

The Cousins Part 2
A Spanking Story
By Alasandra 

When I was 11 the discipline my mother administered became radically different. She joined a Church in town, a very conservative church after divorcing my step father. The preacher was an asshole and I think a closet homosexual. But he preached “spare the rod, spoil the child” and at my house the rod was not spared, it was used on me quite often and quite painfully. That damn preacher even gave my mother a cane set. Bamboo, thin and very painful canes that would wrap around my bottom and if my mother was upset it was nothing for her to bring blood (though she claimed she tried not to). She was very sadistic and I can’t remember hardly any discipline session that I didn’t bawl my eyes out. 

 I had just watched my elder cousins receive a belting that they would never forget but I had fear in my heart because I knew I was in for much worse (and I was strangely sexually excited from watching my two cousins dance to the swats of the belt) as I slowly descended the 14 steps it took to get down to the basement floor, I was terrified, I knew I was going to get it. Mother was very much against drinking and driving. A drunk driver had killed my father shortly after I was born. I wasn’t old enough to drink and I certainly should have known not to drive home after I was drinking. 

 When I got to the basement floor a sight greeted me that sent fear into my heart, there was my tall blonde mother with the nastiest cane, the long swishy one that she rarely used. She had the saw horse laid out in position and she told me to take off my dress and panties. I was sick to my stomach with fear. After I had undressed she took some rope and tied my hands behind my neck and used more rope to tie them around my neck. She hadn’t had to tie me since I was 13 some, yeah I was scared, she obviously planed to beat the hell out of me. She made me straddle the horse and tied my legs as well. She’d long ago screwed eye screws into the horse and she tied me around the middle of my back as well. I could wiggle (and believe me I did when the whipping started) but I could not really move anywhere. After I was in position the lecture started. 

“Alasandra I have never been more disappointed in you and I know that Jesus himself is looking down and he is disappointed in your behavior. Drinking and driving after that very thing took your father from us? I am going to give you 25 swats with this cane, tonight. Then tomorrow afternoon after Christy and Meghan have left I am going to give you 25 more. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME YOUNG LADY!!? Now you count each and every swat out loud and thank me for it, do you understand me?” Mom had never given me more than 18 swats, usually it was 6 or 12 and I’d always be crying my eyes out after the 3rd swat. 

Mom was a very very hard spanker and she was deadly with that cane. She would make it lick my ass and if I was careful it would kiss my tender pussy. Something that I tried to avoid at all fucking costs. With no preamble with no warning she started whipping my bare ass with that cane. Swish!!! Crack!!! (it sounded like a fucking pistle going off) then OMG I will never forget that caning. She hit me so damn hard it tore the breath out of me. Then she paused, she liked to let the pain set in before she hit me again. Swish!!! Crack!!!! And I was crying! “Did you forget something young lady? You forgot to count and thank me! The next swat is number one! Swish!!! Crack!!! and I would cry out “One, thank you Mama please spank me again!” Swish!!! Crack!!! Two please spank me again, Mama!” That went on and on. She started high and worked her way down my vulnerable and exposed backside. When she got to 18 she hit where my bottom and my thighs meet and because I was straddling the saw horse it hit my pussy! OMG I screamed. That was the worse pain in the world and the exact same thing happened the next three swats! Swish!!! Crack!!!! 19 Thank you mama, please spank me again! On it went until twenty five (technically 27 because the first two were freebies). I honestly don’t know how I kept from passing out. After she finished she let me cry for a while then untied me. She said a prayer, made me get down on my knees and pray with her then she told me to get myself upstairs and to bed. 

I laid on the bed face down crying and Meghan came over and rubbed some lotion on my butt which was red and sore. Amazingly mama hadn’t drawn blood. If I hadn’t been hurting so bad I would have been turned on. I know Meghan was because her nipples were sticking out from under her night dress and she was very tender rubbing the lotion on my tender welted ass. I can tell you that in all honesty that I haven’t drunk and drove to this very day (and the spanking was ten years ago).

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Hard Case Kendra's Reform School Spanking

Once a Young Lady is in the Ridel Reform School, she is at the mercy of the staff. At Ridel, Corporal Punishment is used liberally on the bare bottoms of naughty young girls. Before their sentence is over they either learn or they walk around with a very sore bottom. The punishment is as embarrassing as it is painful. Kendra is about to learn all of this and find out that she is not as tough as she thinks, in fact her bottom is quite tender.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

The Cousins: A Spanking Story Part-1

The Cousins: Part 1 
A Spanking Story

 When I was 16 my cousins Meghan and Christy came and visited us, we lived out in rural Oklahoma in the country. They were a year older than I and they came to stay with us for a week. Megan was a brunette  but she had started dying her hair blonde, she had a pretty face and could bat her eyelashes like you saw women do it in the movies. Meg had a nice full figure as well, big tits and hips and all the boys had become interested in her ever since she turned 14. Christy had a nice figure but like me she had/has small tits and she knew less than I about applying make up, and much like I she was a tom boy and dressed like it as well but on this ocassin we were all wearing cute sun dresses that Megs mom had picked up in the city. They came to visit at the end of summer right before school would start in late August. 

 On the third day they were at the house it was Friday and we decided that we were going to go into town. All three of us piled into my old Honda and rode into town. Before I left mom gave me a stern warning about not being out after 8 which was my curfew for the summer. Enid while not a small town is still pretty rural. Meg and Christy were from Dallas and they were a bit disappointed but we went to the south side arcade and played games and before long Meg found some boys. To make a long story short time got away from us and we were drinking alcohol as well. When I looked at my watch (when the sun started going down at 8:30) I knew that I was in big trouble. 

My mother was very strict and she had been using corporal punishment on me for years. Meg and Christy were also spanked but nothing like the punishments mom gave me. I got all three of us piled in my Honda and headed frantically for home. Meg and Christy both had hickeys and we all had alcohol on our breath. On the way home Meg and Christy were nervous but for the wrong reasons. They didn’t want their parents to find out and while my mom had spanked them 3 years ago when they were here she had gone really light on them. Didn’t even take their panties down. She had warned them that if she ever had to repeat it, it would be a real spanking. They didn’t know what that meant. I did and I was scared as hell. 

Meg said she was too old to be spanked but would rather take a spanking than have her parents find out. I stopped and got us some breath mints on the way hoping that it would cover up the smell of alcohol. When we got home mother was very upset. She sat us all down on the couch in the living room and gave us a long lecture. I tried to explain that time had gotten away from us and that only set her off worse. She got right up in my face with her finger and that is when she smelled the liquor over the breath mints. She made us all stand up and smell of our breath and then got really mad. Meghan you and Christy are getting my leather belt on your bare ass and Alasandra are getting the cane (oh God when she said that my heart skipped a beat I hated and feared that cane). Alasandra you drove home drunk, I wasn’t drunk by any means but argument at this point would only make it worse. 

She came back with the belt and said “what are you waiting for get out of those dresses”. The belt was my father’s that she had kept and it was real leather and she kept it oiled so it was pliable, I knew it well it would lick it’s way into your buttocks and it was painful as well.. So there we were 3 teens standing in our underwear outside her bedroom. With her Standing there with that belt in her hand. She motioned Meg to come first and she made her bend over her bed she pulled her panties down and off then instructed Meg to take a stance with her legs slightly spread, she warned her not to jump around because she might accidentally hit her in a tender spot. She started a long lecture with Megs ample bottom exposed and vulnerable. Both of us could see from outside the bedroom door all of Meg’s charms. After Mom finished her lecture, she drew back all the way and she laid in to Meg’s bottom with a vengeance. “Swat Swat Swat!” Poor Meghan had never been spanked like that and she started crying and put her hands back. That really made mom mad. She went to her closet and got a scarf and tied Meg’s hands together and behind her neck. She then gave her a stern warning. “Young lady I am going to whip your bottom with this belt 30 times. If you get out of position I will have the girls come in and hold you in position and start over. Do I make myself clear?” Poor poor Meg. Mom turned her very while bottom bright red with that belt, each swat she was putting her entire body into it and Meg was crying uncontrollably and constantly after 10 swats. She was jumping around and Christy, mom and I got a good view of her little pussy. She learned to keep her legs together after mom spanked her pussy with that that thick belt, and give Meg credit, that was the only scream she let out. Meghan laid on that bed long after her spanking, crying and sobbing. Her poor back side was striped from mid thigh to the top of her buttocks. When Mom finally got enough of that she untied her and told her to go in the living room pick up her dress and then go upstairs to bed. 

 Christy was next and you could tell that she was scared out of her mind. She had turned a very white shade of white while Meg was being whipped. Mom went ahead and tied her hands before the spanking started (at Christy’s request). Christy didn’t have near as good as body as her sister but she was still very attractive. Instead of Megs amble bottom she had a apple shaped one but her muscles were well defined almost like a gymnast, I must admit that I was a big jealous and a bit turned on. She started sobbing while mom was lecturing her. Mom said “Christy I am very disappoint in you. I expected you to be the responsible one.” Mom took step back and all I could hear was “Swish, Swat” and after ten Christy was letting out loud screams. At about the 20 swat she couldn’t keep her legs together and much like Meg she got her little pussy licked by the belt. That produced a much louder scream. Then on swat 23 or so the same thing happened and from then on it was “Swish, Swat, Scream” until mom ended her spanking at 30. Poor girl was crying uncontrollably and promising never to drink again. I had to help her up the stairs to the bedroom. She didn’t even get dressed she, she just laid on the spare bed face down with her poor red and bruised bottom sticking up in the air crying. Then I had to go down the stairs and into the basement where I knew mom would be waiting on me with that nasty fucking cane. I was scared as hell about what was to come but my pussy was wet from watching my cousins get it. I slowly walked down those stair for what was to come but that is a story for another time.

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Just Busted Bailey

Young Bailey is in trouble again and this time it is not just her ass that gets spanked. Outlaw power fucks her tight little asshole with a double headed dildo until she screams.