Saturday, December 29, 2018

The Number one issue at Ridell School for Wayward Young Ladies and Girls is drug use. The Abuse of narcotics has been the ruin of many young women and girls in this country for a very long time. During an intake reception cavity search it is found that Kelly Thomas has been concealing a quantity of in her vagina. Ridell (established 1904 by a mysterious order of Monks) is known to solve disciplinary matters with corporal punishment. Kelly is new to the institution so she is about to find out how serious and painful a spanking can be, which is administered on her ample bare bottom. The principle comes in and takes Kelly over his knee and gives her a incredibly hard hand spanking. Kelly's pleading starts almost immediately and she makes the mistake of offering “sexual favors” to make her punishment stop. This only makes the principle spank her harder and he soon takes off his belt and continues whipping her OTK. This starts to accomplish the desired effect and this disrespectful young woman soon becomes a very contrite young lady. The principle however is not satisfied and he makes her bend over the bed where he continues her belt punishment then with no break, with her still crying, he makes her assume the position and paddles her with the “board of education”. This feared paddle has made it's way across many bare bottoms of many young ladies over the year. Still not satisfied the principle takes her (still crying) down to the punishment room where she is made to ride a dildo while he gives her a severe caning. Before it is done this is one wellspanked young lady. She has learned a harsh and painful lesson and hopefully she will discontinue her drug use because if she doesn't you can bet that she will be bent over and spanked again and again. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Were You Raised in a Barn? (Reform Girls)

Ridel School For Wayward Young Ladies was established in 1904 as a means to put errant young women and girls on the right path, the girls 18-21 are all women who have gotten in trouble with the law. Upon sentencing the Judge gives them a choice between prison and Ridel. Sierra is has been at the school since the first day she turned 18. She has been punished numerous times and for the most part it has improved her behavior. She is a trustee of the school and allowed to take care of the horses, which are used in equestrian sports. Today is not Sierra's day. Principle Outlaw is in a meeting with the board of directors of the school and his boss the Superintendent , when he looks out his window and sees the horsing outside the fence and in danger of being hit by cars on the highway. Imagine his embarrassment when he has to cancel the meeting to deal with the horses (and Sierra). To make matters worse for Sierra when confronted she denies the deed trying to blame it on the other girls. Unfortunately for her the school's security cameras show her clearly leaving the barn door and gate open. Sierra is forced to wait until bedtime when Outlaw takes her down to the punishment room, a room that she knows and dreads. Outlaw makes puts handcuffs on her and makes her go over his knee, keep a paddle nearby telling her if she puts her hands back she will be paddled. He then gives her a no mercy spanking with his hand showing no mercy until she admits to the misdeed. She thinks her punishment is over but Outlaw bends her over the punishment bench and uses the fuck machine on her tender pussy. Spanking her with the cane, paddle and bath brush while she is machine fucked. This is just the beginning though. He uses the fuck machine on her tender asshole, fucking the tight little hole until there is tears in her eyes. The Journey to the truth is a painful one. I am pretty sure that this young lady with be more careful about safety in the future.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Spank the Girls and Make them Cry

Three big booty girls from Binger Oklahoma, Country girl (black girl), Maria (Hispanic girl) and Mary Ann (white girl) come to big big city to be strippers and make their fortune and fame. Unfortunately they quickly get tangled up in drugs and . Lucky for them that they get caught by their club owner instead of the police. Rather than fire them or turn them over to the authorities he flushes their drugs and decides to give them a severe spanking. Mary Ann is last and she cries the most. After the hand spanking Outlaw bends them over and straps them good and maybe the dirtiest thing he does is make them spank each other. Mary Ann gets a double strapping because she doesn't hold her position while Maria was being spanked. Filmed in HD, severe spanking on the bare butts of three very naughty girls.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Sierra's Car Wreck Paddling

Sierra borrowed Outlaw's car. She told him that she was only going to take it to the mall and that she'd be right back. Over 6 hours later she returns and it has a large dent in the right quarter panel. To make matters worse she lied about having a license in the first place so the insurance is not going to cover the damage she caused to the car. Needless to say Outlaw is a bit upset. He decides to take the price of the damage out of her ass, so to speak. He takes her over the knee lecturing her on the importance of looking behind you before you start a back maneuver. He starts her out with a hand spanking but he uses a strap on her bare butt every time she puts her hands back for protection. Additionally he starts the spanking over, each time the hands go back. Finally with her in tears he decides to break in his new lexan paddle in on her. She is made to assume the position while he swats her ass. She jumps and cries and the spanking is continued until she holds position like a good girl throughout her spanking.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Kandy gets Caned

The bottom line is (ooooooh a pun) that discipline and order must be obtained. Strippers oftentimes are prima donnas who believe that they are too pretty and special to have to follow the rules, show up on time, and do their work. When the girls at Outlaw's Gentleman's club step out of line their are consequences. Erotic Dancer Kandy (with a K) has been a very naughty dancer. Showing up late, not showing up at all, and smoking drugs in the dressing room are all issues with her employer. If she wants to keep her job she must take a punishment. Spanking, caning, ass fucking, oh my this naughty girl is taught a lesson. She cries like a little girl when the spanking starts and Outlaw doesn't believe in going easy on her. Soon she is crying and screaming and trying to get off his lap but our man Outlaw holds her tightly in place and just keeps right on spanking. Tears, promises, blubbering and snot running out of her nose does not good, Outlaw just keeps on spanking her. Then breaks out a dildo and fucks her in her tiny little butt holes, she doesn't like this either and the tears start all over again. Yes, real tears come out of her eyes as she cries all through the strapping, caning, and ass fucking. This is one well punished little girl with very viable welts and cane marks all over her naughty ass.


Sunday, September 2, 2018

The Reformatory Cane (Trailer 2)


The goal of Corporal Punishment is the changing of behavior. Little Nikki has smuggled in drugs to the reform school. First she was cavity search and ass fucked, then paddled for her sins. As a warm up and additional punishment for not hold still during her paddling the principle gives her a whuppin with the bath brush. Then with no break he gets out the Reformatory Cane. The dreaded tiger cane, the girls that don't fear this cane haven't been caned with it yet. Nikki is given a long hard caning which makes her scream and cry from start to finish. After the caning she is allowed to ride the fucking machine to a scream orgasm.

Monday, August 27, 2018

The Reformatory Cane

When Little Nikki is caught acting suspiciously the principle takes her for a penetrating cavity search which turns up a quantity of drugs. Nikki is really in for it now because she has just recently been punished for smoking and a dirty UA now that she has been caught bring drugs into the reform school she is at the principle's mercy. He can send her to prison is he wants. Nikki begs for anything else. The principle bends her over paddles her little bottom then out comes the big dildo and the fuck machine. The Principle decides to let the “punishment fit the crime” he fucks her in the ass with the fuck machine. You bring drugs in your ass, you get fucked in your ass. To make sure that Nikki learns her lesson he canes her for good measure and spanks her with a nasty bath brush.