Thursday, July 19, 2018

Ava: Suspended From School

Ava, the 18 year old step daughter has just gotten herself suspended from school for showing up for class both Tipsy and high. Her step father has his sectary pick her up from school and bring her to his office. He is not very happy he lets her know it. He tells her she is going to get a severe spanking and makes her wait nervously until after everyone has left his office for the day. Once they are alone her punishment starts. First she is given a severe hand spanking over her tight shorts after a few minutes of this she starts to groan after each and every swat. She thinks her punishment is over but he makes her get up and take her shorts and panties off. Once these are down he renews her spanking with increased vigor and the tears start falling from her eyes. Each swat is harder and hard until she is crying uncontrollably. He ends her hand spanking with a hard flurry of spanks and makes her count each one. He then makes her get up on all fours on the examination table. He takes a long plastic dildo and fucks her in her little tight ass, though means it as a punishment Ava starts enjoying it and comes while on all fours. Step dad decides that since she came it obviously wasn't a punishment. He decides to take his belt off and give her a real punishment. She cries and screams throughout the strapping (filmed from two different angles you get to see her ass and facial expression) runs for over 30 minutes!
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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Royality Gets a Hairbrush/Cane Blistering

Royality is a BBW who works as a plus sized model as well as works at the strip club. Unfortunately for her, the strip club she works at has a three strike policy. You break the rules three times at work and you have a choice being fired or getting a disciplinary bare bottom spanking. Royality decides she will take the spanking. First she is goes over the knee for a severe hand and hairbrush spanking which leaves her pleading for Outlaw to stop and brings up large visible welts on her big beautiful booty. Still crying she is told that she is going to get a caning on her already sore bottom. Bent over a chair Outlaw drives his point across, this girl will think twice before she breaks the rules again! 

Saturday, June 30, 2018


Nurse Rita is a Exchange Student Nurse from Stockholm, Sweden. She is going to school in America at Ridel Nursing School. Ridel is very strick but Rita is a good girl. She makes it to her senior year with almost no disciplinary issues. Then one night she is working the Acute Care Unit at the local hospital and she is caught sleeping in a vacant room. The hospital suspends her and calls Doctor Bridgewater. The doctor is a strict disciplinarian. Rita is very scared because she knows she is in for a painful spanking. Little does she know that she is in for a lot worse. The doctor takes her down to the punishment room and makes her take off her skirt and takes her over his knee for a very hard hand spanking. Poor big booty Rita is crying before it is over but he tells her he isn't through with her. He uses the dressage whip on her then the prison strap. When poor Rita doesn't hold position he gives her penalty swats with the paddle. Rita is bawling at this point and promising to be good. The Doctor makes her bend over the punishment bench and uses the fucking machine on her tight little asshole and makes her ride the dildo to orgasm. He spanks her with the paddle as she has her organism. Poor Rita her bottom is bruised and welted before he is done. Rita cries her eyes out.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Reform School Girls: Kelly Thomas, The Board of Education

The Number one issue at Ridell School for Wayward Young Ladies and Girls is drug use. The Abuse of narcotics has been the ruin of many young women and girls in this country for a very long time. During an intake reception cavity search it is found that Kelly Thomas has been concealing a quantity of in her vagina. Ridell (established 1904 by a mysterious order of Monks) is known to solve disciplinary matters with corporal punishment. Kelly is new to the institution so she is about to find out how serious and painful a spanking can be, which is administered on her ample bare bottom. The principle comes in and takes Kelly over his knee and gives her a incredibly hard hand spanking. Kelly's pleading starts almost immediately and she makes the mistake of offering “sexual favors” to make her punishment stop. This only makes the principle spank her harder and he soon takes off his belt and continues whipping her OTK. This starts to accomplish the desired effect and this disrespectful young woman soon becomes a very contrite young lady. The principle however is not satisfied and he makes her bend over the bed where he continues her belt punishment then with no break, with her still crying, he makes her assume the position and paddles her with the “board of education”. This feared paddle has made it's way across many bare bottoms of many young ladies over the year. Still not satisfied the principle takes her (still crying) down to the punishment room where she is made to ride a dildo while he gives her a severe caning. Before it is done this is one wellspanked young lady. She has learned a harsh and painful lesson and hopefully she will discontinue her drug use because if she doesn't you can bet that she will be bent over and spanked again and again. 

Sunday, June 10, 2018

He's My Man

It is a very old story: two girls, one man. Destiny and Tyla both want the same dude, both girls think he is hers. To make matters worse they are roommates and coworkers at a Gentleman's Club. When jealousy and rage they both have, spill out to work place violence, it gets serious. This is where their boss at the Gentleman's Club (Red Saloon) has to step in and resolve the situation. He comes up with a solution to the problem: spanking. Both girls are first given a hard OTK spanking then are made to spank each other with Lexan Paddle, crop, and various straps. The first one to say "uncle" has to give him up to the other girl. The loser must renounce all claim upon him. You can tell it is love from the amount of pain both girls are willing to endure. Who will win in the end? Whose ass is the toughest? Filmed from two different angles featuring facial features and a “butt” cam you get to see all the action in full HD.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

ANAL SERIES: The Bartender: Spanked, Paddled, and Ass Toyed!

Running a Gentleman's Club is all about maintaining discipline. If you don't keep the girls in line then the place goes amok. Kreme is a 6'1 bartender that is normally well behaved but when the register comes up short the boss checks the camera and sure enough Kreme is taking from the till. She is immediately fired. Now Kreme knows that the bar has a "3 Strike Policy" that a girl has a choice (if she gets three strikes) to come back if she takes a spanking. The boss agrees to this but points out to her that she is going to be swatted with the paddled and ass fucked because her offense is very serious. She reluctantly agrees. HE paddles her ass good after a no nonsense over the knee spanking that leaves her in tears. He then uses a didlo on her tight little bole before she gets her in cowgirl fashion and fucks her tight little butthole. Another victory for corporal punishment.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Punishment Room (Student Nurse Sierra Paddled)

The really naughty Student Nurses have to face the old monk's paddle. The monks only job is the administration of corporal punishment to the bare bottoms of naughty young ladies. Our man the monk takes his work very seriously. He restrains Student Nurse Sierra to make sure she is not going anywhere. He handcuffs her arms high above her head over the punishment bench. This makes her ass stick out for her paddling. After only 3 swats he breaks the first paddle over Sierra's round curvy butt. Sierra makes the mistake of cussing our man. He immediately gets out a more fearsome paddle and lays into her ass. All in all he uses three different paddles on her and she is crying and her ass is welted and sore before he is done. She'll be sleeping on her stomach tonight! After the spanking there is a short interview with Sierra concerning her butt blistering!
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