Saturday, November 14, 2020

Too Many Demerits!!!

Already having had a bare bottom hand spanking that brought her to tears, Alasandra is now strapped down to the punishment bench with her bare bottom exposed to the strap. Poor girl is told she'll get extra swats if she fails to count and of course what does she do but keep losing count. In the 30's she really starts messing up. Poor girl she is going to be strapped all night at this rate and the principle already promised her anal punishment.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2020


Nurse Rita is a Exchange Student Nurse from Stockholm, Sweden. She is going to school in America at Ridel Nursing School. Ridel is very strick but Rita is a good girl. She makes it to her senior year with almost no disciplinary issues. Then one night she is working the Acute Care Unit at the local hospital and she is caught sleeping in a vacant room. The hospital suspends her and calls Doctor Bridgewater. The doctor is a strict disciplinarian. Rita is very scared because she knows she is in for a painful spanking. Little does she know that she is in for a lot worse. The doctor takes her down to the punishment room and makes her take off her skirt and takes her over his knee for a very hard hand spanking. Poor big booty Rita is crying before it is over but he tells her he isn't through with her. He uses the dressage whip on her then the prison strap. When poor Rita doesn't hold position he gives her penalty swats with the paddle. Rita is bawling at this point and promising to be good. The Doctor makes her bend over the punishment bench and uses the fucking machine on her tight little asshole and makes her ride the dildo to orgasm. He spanks her with the paddle as she has her organism. Poor Rita her bottom is bruised and welted before he is done. Rita cries her eyes out.

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Less than three months after being released from the Reform School, Alasandra is caught shoplifting and sent back. This time the Principle is not going to be so nice to her.


Sunday, September 13, 2020

Sandra: Tardy Too Often

Sandra Robinson has been at the reform school for over 6 months. Amazingly she has avoided being spanked in all that time. This streak is going to come to an end today however, it’s Friday and she has been late for class everyday this week. Despite repeated warnings not only was she late Friday morning but she talked back, to the Principle. Never a good idea to make the person mad who is going to be spanking your bare bottom. Sandra is a very cute girl with blonde curly hair and a pretty face. She is only 18 and her parents didn’t believe in spanking. This is going to be a very unpleasant surprise for this naughty girl.

Over the Principle’s lap she goes, before long she is in distress and saying “Okay, I’ve had enough”, but our man the Principle has other ideas and just goes right on spanking her. Soon he makes her get up and not only take her panties off but her whole school uniform. He has her sobbing and crying (like all naughty girls, who get a bare bottom spanking) and promising to never be late again. For good measure he makes the little minx stick her ass up in the air and gives her a long ride on the fucking machine.

Friday, September 11, 2020

Ava Suspended from School


Ava, the 18 year old step daughter has just gotten herself suspended from school for showing up for class both Tipsy and high. Her step father has his sectary pick her up from school and bring her to his office. He is not very happy he lets her know it. He tells her she is going to get a severe spanking and makes her wait nervously until after everyone has left his office for the day. Once they are alone her punishment starts. First she is given a severe hand spanking over her tight shorts after a few minutes of this she starts to groan after each and every swat. She thinks her punishment is over but he makes her get up and take her shorts and panties off. Once these are down he renews her spanking with increased vigor and the tears start falling from her eyes. Each swat is harder and hard until she is crying uncontrollably. He ends her hand spanking with a hard flurry of spanks and makes her count each one. He then makes her get up on all fours on the examination table. He takes a long plastic dildo and fucks her in her little tight ass, though means it as a punishment Ava starts enjoying it and comes while on all fours. Step dad decides that since she came it obviously wasn't a punishment. He decides to take his belt off and give her a real punishment. She cries and screams throughout the strapping (filmed from two different angles you get to see her ass and facial expression) runs for over 30 minutes!
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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

The Shoplifter, Caned, Spanked and Ass Fucked

When the head of security catches Alexa shoplifting from his store he is very upset. He puts her in cuffs and tells her he must call the police. Alexa first gives her name as “Tasty” and begs him not to send her to jail. She tries to offer sexual favors to keep herself out of county lock up. The security officers has a counter proposal, he is a firm believer in corporal punishment, “Tasty” can take a hard bare bottom spanking that will teach her an important lesson about stealing or she can go to jail. 
“Tasty” tells him that a spanking will do her good and readily volunteers to take the punishment. He takes her in the back room and bends her over making her remove her panties and pulling up her dress. She goes over his knee for a blistering hand spanking. He questions her all through it and under dress she admits that her real name is Alexa. The spanking progresses in intensity, he pulls off his leather sandal and spanks her bare bottom with it, pretty Alexa starts to cry.

Made to "assume the position" he brings out the paddle and cane and uses it on her bare bottom. Crying softly she promises to never steal again. Just to make sure he fucks her in her well punished ass! Poor girl, I don't think that she will ever steal again!

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