Sunday, September 2, 2018

The Reformatory Cane (Trailer 2)


The goal of Corporal Punishment is the changing of behavior. Little Nikki has smuggled in drugs to the reform school. First she was cavity search and ass fucked, then paddled for her sins. As a warm up and additional punishment for not hold still during her paddling the principle gives her a whuppin with the bath brush. Then with no break he gets out the Reformatory Cane. The dreaded tiger cane, the girls that don't fear this cane haven't been caned with it yet. Nikki is given a long hard caning which makes her scream and cry from start to finish. After the caning she is allowed to ride the fucking machine to a scream orgasm.

Monday, August 27, 2018

The Reformatory Cane

When Little Nikki is caught acting suspiciously the principle takes her for a penetrating cavity search which turns up a quantity of drugs. Nikki is really in for it now because she has just recently been punished for smoking and a dirty UA now that she has been caught bring drugs into the reform school she is at the principle's mercy. He can send her to prison is he wants. Nikki begs for anything else. The principle bends her over paddles her little bottom then out comes the big dildo and the fuck machine. The Principle decides to let the “punishment fit the crime” he fucks her in the ass with the fuck machine. You bring drugs in your ass, you get fucked in your ass. To make sure that Nikki learns her lesson he canes her for good measure and spanks her with a nasty bath brush.


Thursday, August 23, 2018

The Re-Education of Destiny

Destiny is constantly getting in trouble. This time instead of doing her chores around the bar, the boss catches her headed off to the lake with her wake board. The boss vows to spank her and this is not the first time that Outlaw has to discipline her. She even tells Outlaw that when she was a young that her mother had to tie her to a chair and spank her senseless to get her to behave. She won't admit that she enjoys her spankings but she does let it slip that she usually orgasms during her corporal punishment sessions. When she gets in trouble this time she knows that she is in serious trouble. Outlaw tells her he is going to spank her harder than ever before. He gets out several very serious spanking instruments for the session. Paddle, cane, strap, bathbrush, and tiger cane. Destiny tries to talk her way out of the spanking but Outlaw tells her it is too late for talking. Destiny is in for a long night and the tears start flowing freely, this is going to be a long spanking and when she can't hold position he ties her to the chair just like her mother did, no where to run to and nowhere to hide for the cane.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Bawling Babes: Naughty Natilee (The contract)

Natilee Mocker is a well know model for who usually plays a dominate roll in Outlaw Video Productions movies. When she signs a contract and doesn't show up for a movie, after taking a cash advance, she gets in big trouble. In her contract it says that if she ruins a scene then she is spanked herself. Natilee tries to talk her way out of it but her boss isn't hearing it. She has to go over his knee first for a spanking over her dress. It isn't long before her dress comes up and the spanking is on the bare. She cries and begs but Outlaw keeps on spanking. He makes her stand up and assume the position for a few paddle swats then a long hard bare bottom strapping. Before the spanking is over she is crying her eyes out.


Thursday, August 9, 2018

Bawling Babe: Aliza (The HairBrush)

Outlaw has a saying “the naughtiest girls get the hairbrush”, a girl that doesn't fear a bare bottom spanking with the hairbrush hasn't had a proper hairbrush spanking. When Aliza is caught stealing and lying she is subject to a very hard spanking over the knee, first by hand, then with Outlaw's special spanking sandal and then with the hairbrush. Aliza really knows she is in trouble when Outlaw takes her panties down. Even this tough girl breaks down and cries like a naughty little girl.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Naughty Natilee's Lexan Ruler Spanking

Natilee Mocker is a student Teacher at the Ridel Reform School. She teaches mathematics to the reform girls sentenced to school (Ridel Reform School for Wayward women and girls). She has been told that she will be required to administer corporal punishment to disobedient girls. However, Natilee never thought that the discipline could be applied to her until she is caught giving cigarettes to one of the girls. Tobacco is strictly forbidden at the school. She is told that she can either be fired (on the spot) or bare her curvy bottom for a no-nonsense spanking. Natilee needs the job so she agrees to the punishment. The principle makes her take her jeans down and for the moment leaves her cute black panties in place. As he lectures her she gives her an intense spanking often spanking the same cheek as many as five times in a row. Then he makes her stand up and remove her panties, her pretty little butt now has no protection from the stinging slaps. Poor Natilee is soon crying her eyes out and her embarrassment is high when another student teacher comes in to watch her get her punishment. When the principle uses the lexan ruler (with holes) on her bared bottom she cries like a naughty girl. He spanks her with a leather sandal, she has a very hard time staying still for this and her sobs are very loud. She is made to stand in the corner to make the embarrassment worse her fellow student teacher kisses her sore red bottom. Natilee promises to be good from now on. Do I have to say it? Another victory for corporal punishment, another wayward young woman put back on the right path.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Reform School Girls: Revenge of the Vice Principle

Girls sentenced to Ridel, Reform School for Young Ladies and Girls are subject to harsh corporal punishment. Destiny is in double trouble because the week before she told on Ms. Mocker for sexually abusing the young ladies and caused Ms. Mocker to get a leather belt punishment from the principle on her bare bottom. So when Destiny is sent to Ms. Mocker's office for punishment due to smoking cigarettes, Destiny is very nervous. At first Ms. Mocker seems happy she flashes back to when Destiny used the electric Fuck Machine on her and when Destiny licked her pussy. However her happiness doesn't last long and soon Destiny is made to strip down to her pink bikini and go over her knee for a hard tear jerking spanking. When is found in Destiny's Cigarette pack she is sent to the principle he spanks her OTK, then makes her bend over for the belt. Finally he makes her assume the position over the bed, holds her in place and wears her ass out with a ruler.