Friday, January 12, 2018

Lexus's Fender Bender

Lexus's Fender Bender Outlaw has a 15 stripper passenger van that he uses to get the girls from one bar to another. This allows patrons of the Outlaw's Gentleman's clubs to see different girls throughout the night, instead of the same old ones all night long. Brown Barbie Lexus is one of the drivers of the van. Unfortunately for her she backs out and runs into another vehicle. Since Outlaw is all about company safety, Lexus must submit to Outlaw's Safety training program before she can go back to work driving the van. Of course being very old school Outlaw's course uses corporal punishment to drive home safety issues. Once Lexus's bottom is red and on fire, she isn't likely to forget her safety lessons. Outlaw first gives her a safety lecture then makes her go over his knee for a long hard safety spanking on her bare bottom. During the middle of the spanking with tears forming in Lexus's pretty eyes, he has her go to the kitchen and bring back a wooden scapula which he uses to drive home further safety points. With tears running out of her pretty eyes Lexus gets down on her knees to suck his cawk and swallowing another “safety” lesson. Safety first, Lexus learns this very important lesson.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Spank the girls, Make them Cry

Three big booty girls from Binger Oklahoma, Country girl (black girl), Maria (Hispanic girl) and Mary Ann (white girl) come to big big city to be strippers and make their fortune and fame. Unfortunately they quickly get tangled up in drugs and prostitution. Lucky for them that they get caught by their club owner instead of the police. Rather than fire them or turn them over to the authorities he flushes their drugs and decides to give them a severe spanking. Mary Ann is last and she cries the most. After the hand spanking Outlaw bends them over and straps them good and maybe the dirtiest thing he does is make them spank each other. Mary Ann gets a double strapping because she doesn't hold her position while Maria was being spanked. Filmed in HD, severe spanking on the bare butts of three very naughty girls.


Sunday, January 7, 2018

Tears For Tie

Little Tie has been a bad girl again. She couldn't be on time if her ass dependant on it. She receives a hard punishment from Outlaw OTK and bent over a chair. The tears start coming and don't stop through out this punishment. Very hard spanking on a bare bottom.


Monday, December 25, 2017

Busted Mya and Destiny

 Destiny is the boss stripper at the club. When Outlaw is not busy she is in charge of discipline but things go seriously bad. Her new girl Mya has a bad turn with an undercover cop, she offers to sleep with him for money. This puts both Mya and Destiny in jail and when Outlaw bails them out, well to say the least he is not very happy. Outlaw makes them wait for their punishment. Mya is especially nervous because she has never been spanked before. Destiny, who is really upset that she is going to be punished for something Mya did decides that she is going to “spank the hell out of little Mya”. Soon Mya is over Destiny's knee getting a good spanking. However this doesn't really satisfy Destiny and soon she bares Mya's bottom, has her get up on all fours then straps her pretty bottom until Mya is sobbing. Outlaw shows up and tells them that they are both going to be disciplined, pretty little Mya begs for mercy because her little bottom is already sore and red. If we know anything about Outlaw is that he is not very merciful when a spanking is earned. Both girls are spanked and strapped hard until they are in tears. Destiny must assume the position and his given a hard whipping with a rubber hose. After she is done, she takes the board of education to Mya and promises her this is what she will get if she ever does anything like this again. 

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Severe Series: Scream for the Cane

Scream For the Cane

Physicists tell us that our Universe might not be the only one in existence, in fact they tell us that it is quite probable that there is are billions of alternative universes. I suppose that in one of those universes that there is a place where strippers are not spoiled pampered little bitches. I mean it is possible right? In any case in this universe that is not the case. Nikki and Black Pearl are more the norm in what we have in this universe. Two naughty strippers that fist fight in the club and disrupt their boss's business. One thing we've learned over the years is that Outlaw is a strict disciplinarian that doesn't put up with that sort of nonsense. These girls, whom are repeat offenders are in for a very hard discipline session. Both girls are tied down and given a very hard spanking session. Strapped with a thick leather belt, paddled with lexan and wooden paddles and given 30 hard cane swats. When we get to the cane the girls are screaming for mercy and when you're tied down there is no place to run. Each girl screams and cries uncontrollably through out their punishment. Severe punishment like only Outlaw Spanking Video can produce, even when the blood flows from Pearl's big black ass, no mercy is given.Pearl is given extra punishment for being over weight and several canes are broken over her big black ass. These girls will think twice before they fight in the club again. This film runs for over 25 minutes and features extreme caning.