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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

3 Strikes, You're Spanked (girl/girl/anal)

Two girls and two very nasty straps: Big Busty Nicole Ray has been a very very bad girl. On her first day of work she manages to violate the three strikes rule. Three strikes or write ups and you are fired. However, our girl is of course given a choice. Fired or a bare bottom spanking, she chooses the spanking. She really comes to regret that decision. First Outlaw gives her a very hard hand spanking OTK, her butt becomes very ashy and when she cusses during her spanking, she gets more swats, she can't say anything worse than “poo”.

Then Outlaw breaks out the dreaded leather punishment paddle and he really lays into her big ass with it (maybe one of the harshest strapping you'll ever see. It is no joke and she begs to be allowed to "do anything else" rather than take anymore spanking. The extremely hard spanking makes the tears roll down her cheeks. Then comes Country Girl, she has run afoul of house mother Cherri so Cherri takes her OTK and lays into her ass first with her hand then with a leather strap. Country is crying in no time flat but Cherri doesn't let up until she is crying uncontrollably like all naughty girls do when they are getting a bare bottom strapping. Cherri is not satisfied that country has learned her lesson, she gets the dildo out of her purse and fucks Country in the ass with it. With Country still crying and the welts visible on her ass she brings her to orgasm, playing with her pussy and fucking her. Very hot lesbian scene.


Sunday, March 12, 2023

New Teacher Orientation

Alasandra was sentenced to the reform school when she was 18 years of age. By court order she lived at the school until she was 21 years of age. Now at 22 she is back and wants to be a teacher at the school. She files out the application and the Principle is impressed. Until he smells alcohol on her breath. If Alasandra wants the job she must take the student punishment for being drunk. OTK spanking on her bare bottom, Strapping on her bare and a long hard butt fucking with the fucking machine. She wants the job so the rest is history.




Saturday, March 4, 2023

The Punishment of Nurse Kelly

                          The Punishment of Nurse Kelly! 

A very naughty Nikki Swat returns in Punished Nurse Kelly. Reform school Student Nurse Kelly has been found asleep at her post. Doctor Bridgewater doesn't waste anytime and takes her straight to the punishment room. Nurse Kelly tries to bargain her way out of her punishment with sex and even tells the Doctor that they police are going to show up because of her screams. No one can hear you scream in the punishment room but the other girls. Poor Kelly she is spanked paddled and fucked on the fucking machine. Before it is over she learns an important lesson about patient care.

Saturday, December 3, 2022

The Punishment Room: Sierra (Spanked, Caned, and Paddled)


The really naughty Student Nurses have to face the old monk's paddle. The monks only job is the administration of corporal punishment to the bare bottoms of naughty young ladies. Our man the monk takes his work very seriously. He restrains Student Nurse Sierra to make sure she is not going anywhere. He handcuffs her arms high above her head over the punishment bench. This makes her ass stick out for her paddling. After only 3 swats he breaks the first paddle over Sierra's round curvy butt. Sierra makes the mistake of cussing our man. He immediately gets out a more fearsome paddle and lays into her ass. All in all he uses three different paddles on her and she is crying and her ass is welted and sore before he is done. She'll be sleeping on her stomach tonight! After the spanking there is a short interview with Sierra concerning her butt blistering!
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Sunday, November 27, 2022

A Country Switching (birch)

The Order of Saint de Sade is a mysterious order of monks that established Ridell School for Wayward Young Ladies in 1904. The order was thought to have been established around the early 1800's by the Marquis de Sade himself. The order is know for their dedication to corporal punishment. Few people are thought to know more about the infliction of pain and pleasure than the monks. There are only a few of the old monks left at the school and unfortunately Leila Jackson she has drew the attention of one of them. Once again Ms. Jackson has been caught with drugs stuck way her her ass in an attempt to avoid detection. When will she learn that the school is just too observant for her? Ms. Jackson is made to go OTK of the old monk for a hard spanking with hand and paddle at this point she thinks she has gotten off light but then the old monk makes her go pick a nasty birch switch from one of the birch trees that grows on the grounds of the school. Grabbing her ankles, assuming the position, the monk gives her a painful switching that leaves her in tears. This is a very intense spanking. Still crying and with obvious welts on her bottom she is fucked long and her with the fuck machine until she orgasms.

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Thursday, November 24, 2022

The Revenge of Ms. Mocker

There is an old saying: "Pay back is a motherfucker". When Nikki gets Vice Principal Mocker in trouble at the reform school she bids her time. When she catches Nikki with contraband, she takes it out on her ass. They take turns spanking Little Nikki, then Ms. Mocker makes Nikki go down on her and uses the fucking machine on her. Revenge is a dish best severed on the bare bottom.


Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Cheerleader Punishments At The Reform School

When 19 Year old Zoe Watson is caught shop lifting, she is sentenced to Ridel Reform School for Wayward Young Ladies, where corporal punishment is a common practice and has been used effectively for almost 100 years on the bared bottoms of young women and girls. At first Zoe is a good girl, she gets good grades, comes to class on time and has a good attitude. She is allowed to make the cheer leading squad.. Then things go wrong. Zoe becomes frequently tardy in all her classes, is caught smoking, and gives her teachers an attitude that is very unladylike. When she is caught in the bathroom pleasing herself with a sex toy it is the last straw. Unfortunately for her the principle knows just how to get young Zoe back on track, with a severe bare bottom spanking, Zoe goes over the principle's knee for her first ever spanking, it is long and hard and Zoe is crying in no time flat but it doesn't end there, as much as young Zoe would wish, because she is made to bend over a chair and is spanked hard with a wood paddled. She cries and begs and promises to do better. Once again bare bottomed corporal punishment teaches a young lady to an important lesson.