Saturday, December 9, 2017

Cheerleader Paddling: Spanked and Analized at the Reform School

At The Reform school, use of the paddle for discipline is a time honored tradition. It is not politically correct but it is highly effective. Many young ladies over the year have been sent to see the Vice Principle for corporal punishment and for more serious offenses the Principle is called in to deal with the unruly student, if this happens then it is almost certain the strap or the paddle will be used. Lindsey Sparks is sentenced to two years at the Ridel Reform School for Girls. She isn't even there a week when she runs a foul of Ms. Mocker the Assistant Principle. Ms. Mocker Spanks her bare ass good until he cries and begs for mercy. Ms Mocker continues her punishment by fucking her asshole with a large dildo until she cries for mercy. When Ms Mocker leaves her alone to "tidy up" Lindsey is caught using the dildo to please herself. Ms Mocker decides that a serious punishment is in order and calls in the Principle who spanks Lindsey first with a lexan paddle then makes her bend over and assume the position for ten hard swats from a wooden paddle. Before he is finished she is left black and blue with welts all over her bottom. This is one well punished student and she cries and screams like a naughty little girl being punished. This is a long hard punishment and her ass is beaten black and blue.


Strap On Lesbians Get Spanked

  Bre Lickit and Amber Payne are two naughty Lesbians. Scheduled to be spanked for coming in to work late (and missing work altogether) these naughty girls are caught playing with each other with sex toys. The boss had made them wait for their spanking to reflect on their bad behavior, not to play with one another. He decides that it is time for a serious spanking, to give these two naughty girls something that they will never forget. First they are made to spank on another over the knee first by hand then with a couple of paddles, then he spanks them with paddle, prison reformatory strap, and crop until both girls butts are bright red with deep belts. Both girls are crying real tears before their punishment is over. Very hard spanking action on two lovely butts. Outlaw gives them a lesson they will never forget. This Film runs for over 30 minutes and features non-stop action and incredibly hard spanking action.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Two girls and two very nasty straps: Big Busty Nicole Ray has been a very very bad girl. On her first day of work she manages to violate the three strikes rule. Three strikes or write ups and you are fired. However, our girl is of course given a choice. Fired or a bare bottom spanking, she chooses the spanking. She really comes to regret that decision. First Outlaw gives her a very hard hand spanking OTK, her butt becomes very ashy and when she cusses during her spanking, she gets more swats, she can't say anything worse than “poo”. Then Outlaw breaks out the dreaded leather punishment paddle and he really lays into her big ass with it (maybe one of the harshest strapping you'll ever see. It is no joke and she begs to be allowed to "do anything else" rather than take anymore spanking. The extremely hard spanking makes the tears roll down her cheeks. Then comes Country Girl, she has run afoul of house mother Cherri so Cherri takes her OTK and lays into her ass first with her hand then with a leather strap. Country is crying in no time flat but Cherri doesn't let up until she is crying uncontrollably like all naughty girls do when they are getting a bare bottom strapping. Cherri is not satisfied that country has learned her lesson, she gets the dildo out of her purse and fucks Country in the ass with it. With Country still crying and the welts visible on her ass she brings her to orgasm, playing with her pussy and fucking her. Very hot lesbian scene.


Sunday, December 3, 2017

Carmen Erection: Busted for Tickets

Carmen Erection gets her first ever spanking.Italian American Porn Goddess, Carmen Erection gets her first ever spanking. Carmen is a traveling Stripper who while working at Outlaw's club doesn't pay her tickets and has the police show up looking for her, to make matters worse she is habitually late for work. She has to be taught a good lesson. Spanking and a good old fashion butt fucking change her attitude and ways. First Carmen is spanked OTK on her bare bottom then she is made to bend over a stoole and given swats with a strap and then the lexan paddle (with holes) she cries all though the last part of her punishment but it is not over she is fucked in her red and sore ass before she is over.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Shoplifter, Caned and Ass Fucked

When the head of security catches Alexa shoplifting from his store he is very upset. He puts her in cuffs and tells her he must call the police. Alexa first gives her name as “Tasty” and begs him not to send her to jail. She tries to offer sexual favors to keep herself out of county lock up. The security officers has a counter proposal, he is a firm believer in corporal punishment, “Tasty” can take a hard bare bottom spanking that will teach her an important lesson about stealing or she can go to jail. “Tasty” tells him that a spanking will do her good and readily volunteers to take the punishment. He takes her in the back room and bends her over making her remove her panties and pulling up her dress. She goes over his knee for a blistering hand spanking. He questions her all through it and under dress she admits that her real name is Alexa. The spanking progresses in intensity, he pulls off his leather sandal and spanks her bare bottom with it, pretty Alexa starts to cry. Still over his knee he makes her fetch his wooden hair brush and he uses that on her too. The punishment is just getting started he has her stand up and assume the position and he uses a paddle and a cane on her ass. To finish things off Outlaw ass fucks her in her tight hole. Alexa is one wellspanked little girl and she promises never to shoplift again.


Sunday, November 19, 2017

Reform School Girl: Samantha Mattingly

Samantha Mattingly's Get's a Bottom Blistering

Samantha Mattingly has anger issues and takes it out on the front door of the School. The principle has to replace the door and since Samantha can't pay for it he decides to take the price of the door out of her soon to be bare ass. He spanks her OTK with hand and a nasty little paddle that makes her cry. If she puts her hands back, cusses, or lies he gives her extra swats. After the OTK spanking he makes her use a dildo on her ass while he continues to spank her. She cums at the end screaming. Tears are still running down her cheeks.

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Friday, November 10, 2017

Sierra In the Punishment Room

It seem that these days there is no shortage of young ladies with a disrespectful attitude. At Ridel's ReForm School for Wayward Young Women and Girls this kind of behavior is not tolerated. The harshest punishments are dealt with in the punishment roomusing corporal punishment, on the bare bottom. Sierra has been disrespectful to the staff at Ridel, even to the point of slapping Ms. Mocker. When extreme behavior modification is called for the monk is brought in. Sierra is taken to the punishment roomby the old monk. First he takes her over the knee for a long hard spanking that leaves her in tears. She is strapped, paddled with three different paddles (he keeps braking them over her ass) caned and then ass fucked by a fuck machine while he spanks her ass (with cane and paddle). She cries, begs and pleads like all naughty young girls do when they are getting a bare bottomed spanking. She moans and orgasms when being fucked by the fuck machine. This film runs for over 30 minutes. It features hard spanking (cane, paddle, strap), anal sex and Bdsm.