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Monday, September 13, 2021

Sierra's Car Wreck Paddling

Sierra borrowed Outlaw's car. She told him that she was only going to take it to the mall and that she'd be right back. Over 6 hours later she returns and it has a large dent in the right quarter panel. To make matters worse she lied about having a license in the first place so the insurance is not going to cover the damage she caused to the car. Needless to say Outlaw is a bit upset. He decides to take the price of the damage out of her ass, so to speak. He takes her over the knee lecturing her on the importance of looking behind you before you start a back maneuver. He starts her out with a hand spanking but he uses a strap on her bare butt every time she puts her hands back for protection. Additionally he starts the spanking over, each time the hands go back. Finally with her in tears he decides to break in his new lexan paddle in on her. She is made to assume the position while he swats her ass. She jumps and cries and the spanking is continued until she holds position like a good girl throughout her spanking

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Hard Lesson for Destiny

Destiny is head girl at the gentleman's club so the boss holds her to a higher standard. After 4 tardies and one no show the boss decides that if Destiny wants to keep her job she will have to take a very hard spanking. Destiny thinks that if she shows up for her punishment dressed to kill the boss will let her off lightly, he does seem impressed with her outfits and lets her model several cute ones but if you think that this will make Outlaw go lightly.... well you just don't know him very well. He is going to make sure this girl learns her lesson! First she over the knee for a hand spanking which is long and hard and she starts to cry and whine. Then the boss brings out a heavy sandal made out of a car tire and uses it on her bare bottom. She is then made to get up on all fours and he gives her wacks with the shoe and his hand. He bends her over a coffee table and uses the cane on her bare ass. She is crying and pleading at this point but it is not over. He brings out the board of education and makes her assume the position. She cries that she can't take it but he keeps spanking her until she learns her lesson. Cane, Paddle, Strap and bath brush are all used with force across her bared bottom. This is a extremely hard spanking. 

Saturday, August 21, 2021


Ella and Dixie are student nurses at a catholic nursing school. Both girls are caught masturbating in her room by Sister Ann during a surprise room inspection one by one they are marched to face the music, taken to Doctor Bridgewater, the strict disciplinarian that runs the school. He is feared by all the girls because he dishes out Corporal Punishment on the bare bottom. Dr. Bridgewater is very upset with the girls. He hikes their skirts up and has them get over his knee for a old fashion bare bottom spanking. Before he is through with the girls the tears are pouring from their eyes. He is hardly through with them though, he makes Ella ride a dildo and spanks her with a paddle if she slows down or the dildo comes out of her pussy. She rides it to orgasm. Her punishment is not yet over though. The doctor brings out his fraternity paddle. She is made to assume the position with her hands grabbing her ankles and he wares her cute ass out. Ella is given a dose of pain and pleasure that will make her think twice about masturbation in the future. Dixie is forced to go over the doctors lap for a spanking, he then uses the fucking machine on her tight little pussy. These girls will think twice before they masturbate at the school.

Ava Suspended from School

Little Ava Crier is a Georgia peach that is sent to live with her uncle for a school semester. Her parents are in the middle of a divorce and Ava is acting out and making things worse. Her parents have never spanked Ava but agrees that she needs discipline of the highest order and Uncle Outlaw is a Disciplinarian Principle at a reform school for young women. At first everything goes according to plan. Outlaw has warned her that he will spank her severely if her behavior warrants it. Then Ava gets in trouble at junior college for fighting and is expelled for three days. How embarrassing that a 19 year old girls acts like a child and is suspended. Needless to say Outlaw is not happy and has his niece meet him at his office ASAP. He sends his sectary away and tells Ava that she is going to receive corporal punishment. He takes her over his knee on a couch in his office and lays into her ass. He tells her that she is going to cry and she is crying before he even makes her take her pants and panties down. When the panties come down she soon comes to understand what a real bare bottom spanking is all about and why it should be avoided at all costs. With her still crying he makes her bend over the desk and ass fucks her with a dildo but the punishment truly starts when Outlaw takes off his thick leather belt. This is one punishment that Ava will never forget.

Friday, July 16, 2021

The Punishment Room Sierra

Sierra In the Punishment Room. The really naughty Students have to face the old monk's paddle and the fucking machine. The monks only job is the administration of corporal punishment to the bare bottoms of naughty young ladies. Our man the monk takes his work very seriously. He restrains Sierra to make sure she is not going anywhere. He handcuffs her arms high above her head over the punishment bench. This makes her ass stick out for her paddling. After only 3 swats he breaks the first paddle over Sierra's round curvy butt. Sierra makes the mistake of cussing our man. He immediately gets out a more fearsome paddle and lays into her ass. All in all he uses three different paddles on her and she is crying and her ass is welted and sore before he is done. She'll be sleeping on her stomach tonight!


Her screams echo though out the Reform School, the other girls shiver in their beds, hoping that their turn in the punishment room in not next. It is going to be a long night for Sierra.

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Too Many Demerits (Reform School Strapping)

Already having had a bare bottom hand spanking that brought her to tears, Alasandra is now strapped down to the punishment bench with her bare bottom exposed to the cane. Poor girl is told she'll get extra swats if she fails to count and of course what does she do but keep losing count. In the 30's she really starts messing up. Poor girl she is going to be strapped all night at this rate and the principle already promised her anal punishment.

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Saturday, May 29, 2021

Alasandra's First Day at the Reform School

Credit Card Fraud earns 18 year old Alasandra a 3 year sentence to the reform school. Typical young lady Alasandra is ill mannered rude, and disrespectful. To top it all off she is 24 minutes late in reporting and demands that she be allowed cigarettes and her medical Mary Jane. Poor Alasandra is she in for a rude awakening. If she read the pamphlet she was given by the judge she would have known that all those things are not permitted in reform school. She would also know that she was subject to corporal punishment during her time at the reform school Poor girl is going to find this out the hard way. Her first day is going to be very traumatic for her hand spanked, paddled, strapped, and a taste of the cane. To top it all off she is getting fucked in the ass with the fucking machine. Before it is over this naughty girl will have her attitude filly, adjusted.