Sunday, October 15, 2017

Nadia's Wet Bottom Spanking and Ass Fucking

Nadia's Punishment

Little Nadia continues to be naughty and disrespectful, this time it is time for a proper punishment. Outlaw spanks her on a wet bottom and uses the nasty prison strap, the spoon, and a leather paddle which makes her scream and cry. The tear pour out of her eyes. Just when she thinks it's over it is time for a brutal ass fucking. This is our most Popular movie.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Reform School Girls: Kelly Thomas, The Board of Education

Kelly Thomas is a very defiant and naughty girl. She gets in trouble with the administrators of Ridel Reform School on her very first day. Court order to report she under goes the intake cavity search. Drugs is found on her person. Normally this would result in a bare bottom hand spanking (for first offense) and detention but Kelly increases her punishment by talking about to Ms. Mocker so principle Outlaw is called in. Kelly is paddled, strapped and caned before her "big mouth issue" is corrected.


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Just Busted Bailey

Young Bailey is in trouble again and this time it is not just her ass that gets spanked. Outlaw power fucks her tight little asshole with a double headed dildo until she screams.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

The Re-education of Destiny

Destiny is a stripper that constantly craves discipline. Outlaw is not the first to give her bare bottom spankings she admits that her mother just to tie her to a chair and spanking her senseless. She won't admit that she enjoys it but she usually orgasms during corporal punishment. Outlaw admits that he enjoys spanking Destiny she is an ass that just says "Spank me" but this time Destiny has taken it too far. Rather than finish her disciplinary chores around the bar he catches her heading out to the beach, surfing board in hand. Outlaw vows to spank her harder and longer than her mother ever did. He gets out several instruments for the spanking: Paddle, belt, bath brush and the dreaded tiger cane. HE bends her over the chair and starts spanking with his hand and then the paddle. When he gets to the belt she can no longer hold her position so he does her the way her mother did and ties her to a chair. He lays into her with the belt and she is crying uncontrollably. She gets no break and he lays into her bare ass with the tiger cane. He finishes her up with the bath brush and she literally turns the chair over trying to get away from the terrible instrument. Very hard spanking action, shot from two different angles.


Monday, October 2, 2017

Kandy with a K, Caned and Ass Fucked

Erotic Dancer Kandy (with a K) has been a naughty dancer. Showing up late, not showing up at all, and smoking drugs in the dressing room are all issues with her employer. If she wants to keep her job she must take a punishment. Spanking, caning, ass fucking, oh my this naughty girl is taught a lesson. She cries like a little girl when the spanking starts and on a very red ass she is made to take a dildo in her tiny little asshole. Real tears come out of her eyes as she cries all through the strapping and ass fucking. This is one well punished little girl.


Friday, September 29, 2017

Ashley's Court Cost Spanking

  Ashley has been a bad little girl, instead of paying her bills (rent and court costs) she goes out partying. When her room mate Jen threatens to throw her out she asks her boss for another loan but when he finds out that she didn't pay her rent or her court costs, he gets mad because she has already borrowed money for this purpose . He agrees to the loan but only if she takes a hard punishment. He spanks her ass with a vengeance then lets her room mate ass fuck her will a dildo while she continues to spank her big naughty ass. still crying he forces her to suck his cock, when he cums she choke sand cum squirts out her nose. She is bawling uncontrollably before the two of them are through with her, you can hear her pathetic sobs saying she is sorry.


Sunday, September 24, 2017

Anal Series: The Punishment Room, Sierra (Pain&Pleasure)

***REMASTERED IN SUPER HIGH DEFINTION (1920X1080)- originally filmed in high definition we had difficulty with the software.***

It seem that these days there is no shortage of young ladies with a disrespectful attitude. At Ridel's ReForm School for Wayward Young Women and Girls this kind of behavior is not tolerated. The harshest punishments are dealt with in the punishment room using corporal punishment, on the bare bottom. Sierra has been disrespectful to the staff at Ridel, even to the point of slapping Ms. Mocker. When extreme behavior modification is called for the monk is brought in. Sierra is taken to the punishment room by the old monk. First he takes her over the knee for a long hard spanking that leaves her in tears. She is strapped, paddled with three different paddles (he keeps braking them over her ass) caned and then ass fucked by a fuck machine while he spanks her ass (with cane and paddle). She cries, begs and pleads like all naughty young girls do when they are getting a bare bottomed spanking. She moans and orgasms when being fucked by the fuck machine. This film runs for over 30 minutes. It features hard spanking (cane, paddle, strap), anal sex and Bdsm.