Monday, October 7, 2019


Alasandra is 18 years old. She has been sentenced to reform school until she reaches the age of 21. The penalties for misbehavior in reform school is corporal punishment, and Alasandra frequently misbehaves. This time Alasandra has been tardy for class everyday this week and the dorm mom caught her masturbating in her room at night. Alasandra is sent to the punishment room to wait on the principle and her punishment. If she wasn't already in enough trouble the principle catches her smoking. Poor Alasandra she has just doubled her punishment. First she goes OTK, up goes her short school skirt and she is spanked (at first) over her little white panties. She is crying her eyes out before her panties even come down. Poor girl, then she must bend over the punishment table where the principle rams a long dildo up her tiny asshole as he continues to spank her. Next she must assume the diaper position and while she plays with herself (let the punishment fit the crime) the principle spanks her. Lastly she must assume the position for some paddle swats with the principle's nasty paddle. Over 30 minutes of non-stop action!

Monday, September 9, 2019

Severe Series: Alasandra's Punishment Room Caning

Little Alasandra has gone and done it now. Her bruises aren't even healed from her first Reform School Spanking and she goes and disrespects the staff "Telling Ms. Mocker to go FUCK YOURSELF" Back to the Punishment room she goes, this time the principle uses several paddles and straps on her bare unprotected ass. Then he gives her 24 hard swats with the cane. Her butt is stripped by the time he finishes and she is crying uncontrollably.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Alasandra's first day at the Reform School

Credit Card Fraud earns 18 year old Alasandra a 3 year sentence to the reform school. Typical young lady Alasandra is ill mannered rude, and disrespectful. To top it all off she is 24 minutes late in reporting and demands that she be allowed cigarettes and her medical Mary Jane. Poor Alasandra is she in for a rude awakening. If she read the pamphlet she was given by the judge she would have known that all those things are not permitted in reform school. She would also know that she was subject to corporal punishment during her time at the reform school Poor girl is going to find this out the hard way. Her first day is going to be very traumatic for her hand spanked, paddled, strapped, and a taste of the cane. To top it all off she is getting fucked in the ass with the fucking machine. Before it is over this naughty girl will have her attitude filly, adjusted.  


Friday, August 9, 2019

Severe Series: Reform School Girl Selena Gomez


Selena Gomez was sentence to reform school a year ago on her 18 birthday. For the most part Selena has been a good student, attending ged classes regularly and doing as she is told. Staying away from drugs and alcohol and doing everything the judge told her but this changes. She stops going to class or shows up late and on her 19 birthday part she is caught with cigarettes and alcohol. Since she has been such a good student vice principle mocker is going to hand spank her but a still tipsee Selena talks back to her and then tells principle outlaw that the rules don't apply to her. Poor little Selena the principles takes her to the punishment room paddles her and puts her on the fuck machine. He then takes her otk for a very hard hand spanking, he finishes it off with a old fashion birch switching. Crying uncontrollably she promises never to be late for class again!

Monday, June 24, 2019

SEVERE SERIES: A Reformatory Birching

When Nikki is caught selling drugs to the other girls in the reform school the principle decides that a serious punishment is required. First she is handcuffed taken OTK and given a serious punishment with hand and strap, then... In the Reformatory yard there is a birch tree. When a young lady is in deep trouble she is made to go pick several birch limps from the tree. The limbs are tied together and made into a birching bundle. Young ladies subject to this punishment don't often make the mistake of breaking the rules again because a birch switching is a terrible punishment. One they don't soon forget.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

The Punishment of Nurse Kelly

When the Reform School decided to open a Nursing School they let only the best students attend with the understanding that they'd be under the strictest discipline. Doctor Bridgewater doesn't tolerate very much disobedience as Student Nurse Kelly finds out very quickly.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Sierra's Car Wreck Paddling

Sierra borrowed Outlaw's car. She told him that she was only going to take it to the mall and that she'd be right back. Over 6 hours later she returns and it has a large dent in the right quarter panel. To make matters worse she lied about having a license in the first place so the insurance is not going to cover the damage she caused to the car. Needless to say Outlaw is a bit upset. He decides to take the price of the damage out of her ass, so to speak. He takes her over the knee lecturing her on the importance of looking behind you before you start a back maneuver. He starts her out with a hand spanking but he uses a strap on her bare butt every time she puts her hands back for protection. Additionally he starts the spanking over, each time the hands go back. Finally with her in tears he decides to break in his new lexan paddle in on her. She is made to assume the position while he swats her ass. She jumps and cries and the spanking is continued until she holds position like a good girl throughout her spanking