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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Student Nurses, Doctor's Paddle.

Ella and Dixie are student nurses at a catholic nursing school. Both girls are caught masturbating in their rooms by Sister Ann during a surprise room inspection, one by one they are marched in to face the music, taken to Doctor Bridgewater, the strict disciplinarian that runs the school. He is feared by all the girls because he dishes out Corporal Punishment on the bare bottom. Dr. Bridgewater is very upset with the girls. He hikes their skirts up and has them get over his knee for a old fashion bare bottom spanking. Before he is through with the girls the tears are pouring from their eyes. He is hardly through with them though, he makes Ella ride a dildo and spanks her with a paddle if she slows down or the dildo comes out of her pussy. She rides it to orgasm. Her punishment is not yet over though. The doctor brings out his fraternity paddle. She is made to assume the position with her hands grabbing her ankles and he wares her cute ass out. Ella is given a dose of pain and pleasure that will make her think twice about masturbation in the future. Dixie is put over the doctors lap for a spanking, he then uses the fucking machine on her tight little pussy. These girls will think twice before they masturbate at the school. 

Saturday, July 30, 2022

Hard Case Kendra's Reform School Spanking

Ridel Reform School for Wayward Women and Girls has seen it's share of naughty young women over the years. The school takes young disobedient women and turns them into ladies. Kendra Casey thinks she is a hard case, she comes with an attitude from the streets. She thinks that she is going to disrespect people in the school the way she does in the world. Boy is she in for an education.

After several warnings she is sent to the principle and he decides to give her an bare bottom attitude adjustment. Some girls just don't learn. When she starts talking back during her spanking, he pauses it and gives her a taste of the cane. Six of the best and it brings the water to her eyes. He then continues her OTK spanking. Soon she is begging for mercy but he just ignores her. Eyes full of tears she is then given a ride on the fucking machine. The dildo pounds her pussy until she orgasms. Turns out the "hard case" has a tender ass. I don't think she will be speaking out of turn again!

Download Hard Case Kendra's Reform School Spanking

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Kelly Thomas vs the Board of Education

The Number one issue at Ridell School for Wayward Young Ladies and Girls is drug use. The Abuse of narcotics has been the ruin of many young women and girls in this country for a very long time. During an intake reception cavity search it is found that Kelly Thomas has been concealing a quantity of in her vagina. Ridell (established 1904 by a mysterious order of Monks) is known to solve disciplinary matters with corporal punishment. Kelly is new to the institution so she is about to find out how serious and painful a spanking can be, which is administered on her ample bare bottom. The principle comes in and takes Kelly over his knee and gives her a incredibly hard hand spanking. Kelly's pleading starts almost immediately and she makes the mistake of offering “sexual favors” to make her punishment stop. This only makes the principle spank her harder and he soon takes off his belt and continues whipping her OTK. This starts to accomplish the desired effect and this disrespectful young woman soon becomes a very contrite young lady. The principle however is not satisfied and he makes her bend over the bed where he continues her belt punishment then with no break, with her still crying, he makes her assume the position and paddles her with the “board of education”. This feared paddle has made it's way across many bare bottoms of many young ladies over the year. Still not satisfied the principle takes her (still crying) down to the punishment room where she is made to ride a dildo while he gives her a severe caning. Before it is done this is one wellspanked young lady. She has learned a harsh and painful lesson and hopefully she will discontinue her drug use because if she doesn't you can bet that she will be bent over and spanked again and again. 

Saturday, July 23, 2022

The Punishment of Nurse Kelly

                          The Punishment of Nurse Kelly! 

A very naughty Nikki Swat returns in Punished Nurse Kelly. Reform school Student Nurse Kelly has been found asleep at her post. Doctor Bridgewater doesn't waste anytime and takes her straight to the punishment room. Nurse Kelly tries to bargain her way out of her punishment with sex and even tells the Doctor that they police are going to show up because of her screams. No one can hear you scream in the punishment room but the other girls. Poor Kelly she is spanked paddled and fucked on the fucking machine. Before it is over she learns an important lesson about patient care.

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Alasandra: Punishment Room Canning

Little Alasandra has gone and done it now. Her bruises aren't even healed from her first Reform School Spanking and she goes and disrespects the staff "Telling Ms. Mocker to go FUCK YOURSELF" Back to the Punishment room she goes, this time the principle uses several paddles and straps on her bare unprotected ass. Then he gives her 24 hard swats with the cane. Her butt is stripped by the time he finishes and she is crying uncontrollably.


Saturday, July 9, 2022

Sandra: Tardy too Often!

Sandra Robinson has been at the reform school for over 6 months. Amazingly she has avoided being spanked in all that time. This streak is going to come to an end today however, it’s Friday and she has been late for class everyday this week. Despite repeated warnings not only was she late Friday morning but she talked back, to the Principle. Never a good idea to make the person mad who is going to be spanking your bare bottom. Sandra is a very cute girl with blonde curly hair and a pretty face. She is only 18 and her parents didn’t believe in spanking. This is going to be a very unpleasant surprise for this naughty girl.

Over the Principle’s lap she goes, before long she is in distress and saying “Okay, I’ve had enough”, but our man the Principle has other ideas and just goes right on spanking her. Soon he makes her get up and not only take her panties off but her whole school uniform. He has her sobbing and crying (like all naughty girls, who get a bare bottom spanking) and promising to never be late again. For good measure he makes the little minx stick her ass up in the air and gives her a long ride on the fucking machine.