Saturday, July 4, 2020

Zen and the Art of Spanking

Zen and the Art of Spanking:
Shy used to be one of Outlaw's most reliable girl for being at work on time. However her attitude and her promptness has started slipping. Unlucky for Shy that the club she works at has a three strike rule. After 3 major violations of the rules you can expect to be fired. After picking up her third strike for being late Shy decides that she will submit to a bare bottom spanking to have her strikes erased and to save her job. She would rather have a spanking that to be terminated. Unfortunately for her she gets mouthy about Zen Buddhist beliefs before the spanking starts. Outlaw decides to make Spanking a Zen like Art form. First she is bent over the back of the couch for a hard hand spanking, when she can starts crying and can't stand still Outlaw forces her over his knee and holds her down with his legs. She is crying uncontrollably before he is through. She must now assume the position and out comes the lexan paddle. She is given a brutal spanking with the paddle. He fucks her in the ass just to get his final point across.

Monday, June 29, 2020

The Order of de Sade

The Order of Saint de Sade is a mysterious order of monks that established Ridell School for Wayward Young Ladies (a reform school for women)  in 1904. The mysterious order was thought to have been established around the early 1800's. The order is know for their dedication to corporal punishment. Few people are known to know more about the infliction of pain and pleasure than the monks of the Order of de Sade.

The Naughtest Girls at Ridell are sent to the punishment room to be dealt with by the monk and he take much pride in his work. 

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Friday, June 12, 2020

Alasandra's Sore Bottom Punishment

It has been less than 24 Hours since Alasandra's return to the Reform School. The judge sent her back for shop lifting and ordered a 40 swat strapping. Sent to bed in the dorm, she goes to sleep but at count the dorm mom catches her sleeping naked. The principle hasn't left for the night so she is marched down to the punishment room and given a hard spanking on her bare bottom. Poor Alsandra is in tears and cries all the way through. She is given penalty swats with a shoe for not following instructions during her spanking. Will this girl ever learn?

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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Rose Monroe: Punished at Reform School

Ridel School For Wayward Young Ladies was established in 1904 as a means to put errant young women and girls on the right path. Not politically correct Ridel uses corporal punishment to correct these young ladies. They have a very high success rate. "Irish" Rose Monroe is typical of today's youth, disrespectful and rude. She isn't very good at listening or following commands. Upon arrival (she was sentenced to 3 years at the school for drugs and prostitution) she is given a school uniform. Instead of donning the uniform she dresses like she did in her old life as a prostitute. Unfortunately she attracts the attention of the principle of the school. he gives her a hard OTK spanking on her bare bottom, then takes her down to the basement punishment room for a long more invasive punishment.

Rose Monroe Punished at Reform School

Friday, May 29, 2020

Welcome Back to the Reform School

Less than 6 months ago Alasandra got early release from Reform School. However, the girl can not stay out of legal trouble. She is caught shop lifting from the shopping mall. Poor girl is marched back to the reform school with instructions from the judge that she receive a hard strapping on arrival. The principle gives her a over the knee spanking then straps her to the spanking bench and straps her with the Prison Strap as hard as he can. She is crying uncontrollably before he is through but she just thinks her punishment is over, the principle makes her spread her butt cheeks and uses the fucking machine on her tight little asshole until she is crying again! Hard spanking and anal sex!

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Kandy with a K gets caned

The bottom line is (ooooooh a pun) that discipline and order must be obtained. Strippers are prima donnas who believe that they are too pretty and special to have to follow the rules, show up on time, and do their work. When the girls at Outlaw's Gentleman's club step out of line their are consequences. Erotic Dancer Kandy (with a K) has been a very naughty dancer. Showing up late, not showing up at all, and smoking drugs in the dressing room are all issues with her employer. If she wants to keep her job she must take a punishment. Spanking, caning, ass fucking, oh my this naughty girl is taught a lesson. She cries like a little girl when the spanking starts and Outlaw doesn't believe in going easy on her. Soon she is crying and screaming and trying to get off his lap but our man Outlaw holds her tightly in place and just keeps right on spanking. Tears, promises, blubbering and snot running out of her nose does not good, Outlaw just keeps on spanking her. Then breaks out a dildo and fucks her in her tiny little butt holes, she doesn't like this either and the tears start all over again. Yes, real tears come out of her eyes as she cries all through the strapping, caning, and ass fucking. This is one well punished little girl with very viable welts and cane marks all over her naughty ass.


Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Ava: Suspended From School

Ava the 18 year old step daughter has just gotten herself suspended from school for showing up for class both Tipsy and high. Her step father has his sectary pick her up from school and bring her to his office. He is not very happy he lets her know it. He tells her she is going to get a severe spanking and makes her wait nervously until after everyone has left his office for the day. Once they are alone her punishment starts. First she is given a severe hand spanking over her tight shorts after a few minutes of this she starts to groan after each and every swat. She thinks her punishment is over but he makes her get up and take her shorts and panties off. Once these are down he renews her spanking with increased vigor and the tears start falling from her eyes. Each swat is harder and hard until she is crying uncontrollably. He ends her hand spanking with a hard flurry of spanks and makes her count each one. He then makes her get up on all fours on the examination table. He takes a long plastic dildo and fucks her in her little tight ass, though means it as a punishment Ava starts enjoying it and comes while on all fours. Step dad decides that since she came it obviously wasn't a punishment. He decides to take his belt off and give her a real punishment. She cries and screams throughout the strapping (filmed from two different angles you get to see her ass and facial expression) runs for over 37 minutes! DOWNLOAD MOVIE