Sunday, February 11, 2018

Kandy Caned and Ass Fucked

Kandy Caned and Ass Fucked The bottom line is (ooooooh a pun) that discipline and order must be obtained. Strippers oftentimes are primadonnas who believe that they are too pretty and special to have to follow the rules, show up on time, and do their work. When the girls at Outlaw's Gentleman's club step out of line their are consequences. Erotic Dancer Kandy (with a K) has been a very naughty dancer. Showing up late, not showing up at all, and smoking drugs in the dressing room are all issues with her employer. If she wants to keep her job she must take a punishment. Spanking, caning, ass fucking, oh my this naughty girl is taught a lesson. She cries like a little girl when the spanking starts and Outlaw doesn't believe in going easy on her. Soon she is crying and screaming and trying to get off his lap but our man Outlaw holds her tightly in place and just keeps right on spanking. The then gets out a dildo and fucks her in her tiny little butt holes, she doesn't like this either and the tears start all over again. Yes, real tears come out of her eyes as she cries all through the strapping, caning, and ass fucking. This is one well punished little girl with very viable welts and cane marks all over her naughty ass.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Carmen Erection: Busted For Tickets

Carmen Erection gets her first ever spanking.Italian American Porn Goddess, Carmen Erection gets her first ever spanking. Carmen is a traveling Stripper who while working at Outlaw's club doesn't pay her tickets and has the police show up looking for her, to make matters worse she is habitually late for work. She has to be taught a good lesson. Spanking and a good old fashion butt fucking change her attitude and ways. First Carmen is spanked OTK on her bare bottom then she is made to bend over a stoole and given swats with a strap and then the lexan paddle (with holes) she cries all though the last part of her punishment but it is not over she is fucked in her red and sore ass before she is over.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Were You Raised in a Barn? New Clip from Outlaw Spanking Video

Ridel School For Wayward Young Ladies was established in 1904 as a means to put errant young women and girls on the right path, the girls 18-21 are all women who have gotten in trouble with the law. Upon sentencing the Judge gives them a choice between prison and Ridel. Sierra is has been at the school since the first day she turned 18. She has been punished numerous times and for the most part it has improved her behavior. She is a trustee of the school and allowed to take care of the horses, which are used in equestrian sports. Today is not Sierra's day. Principle Outlaw is in a meeting with the board of directors of the school and his boss the Superintendent , when he looks out his window and sees the horsing outside the fence and in danger of being hit by cars on the highway. Imagine his embarrassment when he has to cancel the meeting to deal with the horses (and Sierra). To make matters worse for Sierra when confronted she denies the deed trying to blame it on the other girls. Unfortunately for her the school's security cameras show her clearly leaving the barn door and gate open. Sierra is forced to wait until bedtime when Outlaw takes her down to the punishment room, a room that she knows and dreads. Outlaw makes puts handcuffs on her and makes her go over his knee, keep a paddle nearby telling her if she puts her hands back she will be paddled. He then gives her a no mercy spanking with his hand showing no mercy until she admits to the misdeed. She thinks her punishment is over but Outlaw bends her over the punishment bench and uses the fuck machine on her tender pussy. Spanking her with the cane, paddle and bath brush while she is machine fucked. This is just the beginning though. He uses the fuck machine on her tender asshole, fucking the tight little hole until there is tears in her eyes. I am pretty sure that this young lady with be more careful about animal safety in the future.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Zen and the Art of Spanking 2: Caned and Ass Fucked

Corporal punishment is effective because the punished comes to understand that continued bad behavior will result in continued pain. Now Outlaw is a big believer in corporal punishment and in Zen and the Art of Spanking he disciplined Shy very effectively, paddling her severely on her curvy bared bottom. For a time Shy changed her behavior, she was on time to work with a great attitude and missed no days. Unfortunately Shy has started back sliding, once again she is tardy, again her attitude with the customers is bad and she misses three straight days with no call and no show. Outlaw fires her. Nearly a week goes by and Shy comes up to the bar begging for her job back. Poor Shy she knows the price of coming back to work. It is a nasty caning with the Tiger cane. There are tears in her eyes before she even gets her clothes off, she's never been caned before but she has seen the other girls get it on occasion. She is made to assume the position on a small table with her cute butt high in the air. She is in trouble from the beginning, made to call out the swats and thank Outlaw for the caning. She is blubbering and crying with snot coming out of her nose through the entire punishment. Filmed from two angles you see her facial expression and the cane as it impacts her ass. With no break between she is then made to bend over a stool for a hard strapping. Outlaw really lays into her with a thick leather strap and welts are raised on her bottom after each swing of the belt. She is now crying uncontrollably and after the strapping (still no break) Outlaw takes her over the knee and gives her a hard spanking with his hand on her tender ass. This is one well punished girl. She is then allowed to blow Outlaw and he fucks her in the ass with good measure. She cries and pleads throughout her punishment. It will be a very long time before this naughty girl is naughty again!

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Anal Series: Caned and Buggered

Poor Little Nikki, she always seems to be in trouble. She always seems to be doing something that makes her boss give her a spanking. The spankings themselves are effective because a good spanking keeps Nikki out of trouble, she really hates them.. When Nikki gets in a fist fight at the club with a customer then pours a drink on the girls date, she knows she is really in for it, she knows that there will be little or no mercy this timed! First Outlaw handcuffs her, bends her over a table and canes her bare ass until she is crying and with no pause between the spankings her brings out a wood paddle with holes and spanks her. Nikki is crying uncontrollably but her punishment is far from over. He makes her suck his cock and shoots a load down her throat. Then he butt fucks her ass until she is crying and screaming. Before it is over she has learned her lesson..... at least until the next time.....

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Severe Series: Maid For Spanking

Aliza is a stripper that agreed to clean up her boss's house but the boss comes home and finds that she hasn't done any house work. He finds her smoking and playing video games instead. Outlaw has a strict policy about smoking in his house, he just doesn't allow it. Aliza knows that she is in lots of trouble, she is already in danger of getting fired from the club. She volunteers for a spanking “because it will make her a better person”. Outlaw warns her it will be intense but she wants to go through with it anyway. Outlaw has her strip down to her underwear and takes her over his knee for a hard hand spanking. He pulls her panties up in her ass crack and wears Aliza's ass out. He peppers in some swats with his leather sandal and makes her take the panties completely off. Aliza has tears in her eyes but Outlaw is only getting started he bends her over the couch and brings out a wooden paddle. Ten swats with it and he breaks the paddle over her ass. He finishes the paddling anyway. Next he bends her over a chair and gives her ten with the cane, breaking the cane over her ass. Back over the couch and he uses his leather belt on her without mercy, soon she is begging him to stop. Telling him she will give him the best blow job of his life if he will only stop the spanking. Outlaw has her get on her knees and suck him off, with her red ass on display. He shoots a monster load in her mouth and makes her swallow. Poor Aliza coughs up the jizz so Outlaw puts her back over his knee and swats her with his sandal until she is crying again. This is one red well punished ass. I don't thank that his naughty Maid will be lazy again.


Friday, January 12, 2018

Lexus's Fender Bender

Lexus's Fender Bender Outlaw has a 15 stripper passenger van that he uses to get the girls from one bar to another. This allows patrons of the Outlaw's Gentleman's clubs to see different girls throughout the night, instead of the same old ones all night long. Brown Barbie Lexus is one of the drivers of the van. Unfortunately for her she backs out and runs into another vehicle. Since Outlaw is all about company safety, Lexus must submit to Outlaw's Safety training program before she can go back to work driving the van. Of course being very old school Outlaw's course uses corporal punishment to drive home safety issues. Once Lexus's bottom is red and on fire, she isn't likely to forget her safety lessons. Outlaw first gives her a safety lecture then makes her go over his knee for a long hard safety spanking on her bare bottom. During the middle of the spanking with tears forming in Lexus's pretty eyes, he has her go to the kitchen and bring back a wooden scapula which he uses to drive home further safety points. With tears running out of her pretty eyes Lexus gets down on her knees to suck his cawk and swallowing another “safety” lesson. Safety first, Lexus learns this very important lesson.