Monday, June 19, 2017

Just Busted Hollie


From our "Just Busted series" in which we write an inmate in the local county jail and pay her court costs if she will appear in our Video. Hollie was one of the first respondents.  Hollie agrees to have to bottom spanked for the camera. First she is made to go OTK where she is given a long hard spanking, then she must bend over the bed for a strapping from Outlaw's belt. In the Final scene Hollie is made to assume the position and gets some hard paddle swats on her bare ass. She is pleading and crying before it is finished. Extreme spanking, paddling and strapping on a bared bottom.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Destiny's Attitude Readjustment (anal)

It is very important that you enforce discipline in the Strip Club. Strippers are all narcissistic little bitches who thinks that the sun rises and sets on their ass and that the rules do not apply to them. Outlaw has made Destiny head girl at the club. It is her job to keep the girls in line. However Destiny has let the position go to her head and has become the worse offender, coming in late, drinking on the job and disrespecting the customers. When the boss gives her the choice of either being fired or take a hard spanking, reluctantly she chooses the spanking. She is given a very hard OTK spanking her her bare ass, she is crying real tears before the boss is even halfway through. He then makes her stand up and gives uses the prison strap first over her YOGA pants then on the bare bottom. She is crying and begging before it is over. Not satisfied he bends her over and fucks her in the ass. Very hard anal sex. Shot from two different camera angles you get to see all the action. Very hard spanking.

Destiny Attitude Readjustment (anal)

Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Punishment Room Took the Smile off Smiley's Face

Poor Smiley, maybe she should have been a good girl, maybe she shouldn't have talked all that trash before her punishment began. One thing about that old monk in the punishment room knows how to make a young her cry.

                      Smiley in the Punishment Room

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Smiley in the Punishment Room

18 Year old Smiley is sentenced to 2 years in the Ridel School for Wayward Girls. After a few preliminary spankings from the Principle and Vice Principle she settles in and gets her GED in record time. However, the young lady starts slipping and when she is ordered to mow the school lawn she ditches her duty and gets caught smoking. These are serious offenses at Ridel and dealt with harshly. Smiley is sent down to the punishment room and the old monk who enjoys nothing better than punishing young girls. First he hooks her up to the fuck machine and spanks her bare ass with a strap and paddle while the machine fucks the hell out of her. She is crying and pleading before it is over.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Strippers Never Learn

Desire is just your typical stripper,  she has decided that the rules do not apply to her. Finally her boss gets enough of her attitude and fires her. Desire comes begging for her job back and the boss tells her that if she wants her job then she must be punished. Unfortunately for Desire, and the girls that work for him, all his punishments involve panties down bare bottom corporal punishment.  Desire is taken over Outlaw's knee and at first he spanks her over her tight little shorts but when he takes them down along with her panties we notice an instant change in Desire. Her whole attitude changes and she starts calling the boss "baby" and she promises to be good and on time. As the legs start kicking and tears start to flow we get a whole different girl. Outlaw wants to make sure that the lesson is learned and he makes her get up on all fours and uses a lexan paddle on her burning little ass.

                                              Trailer: STRIPPERS NEVER LEARN
                                              Download: Strippers Never Learn

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Spanking Model Lexus (Spanked Then Butt Fucked)

School Girl Lexus brings home a doctored report card that shows her grades as all A's and B's but when her step father receives the real grades in the mail their is hell to pay. First he confronts Lexus with the real report card.  After much dressing down he decides that a spanking is in order. He takes her OTK and spanks her to tears. After deciding that is not enough punishment, he makes her assume the position and paddles her with the big oak paddle with holes. While Lexus is still crying he bends her over and butt fucks her or orgasm. 

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Severe Series: Reform School Girls: Revenge of the Vice Principle

Girls that are Sentenced to Ridel Reform School For Wayward Girls are subject to harsh corporal punishment. Destiny is in double trouble because the week before she told on Ms. Mocker (Vice Principle) for sexually abusing her and the other school girls. This caused Ms Mocker to get a hard punishment from the Principle with a thick leather belt. So Ms. Mocker is out for Revenge. 

So when Destiny is sent to Ms. Mocker's office for punishment due to smoking cigarettes, Destiny is very nervous. At first Ms. Mocker seems happy she flashes back to when Destiny used the electric Fuck Machine on her and when Destiny licked her pussy. However her happiness doesn't last long and soon Destiny is over her knee for a hard tear jerking spanking. When pot is found in Destiny's Cigarette pack she is sent to the principle he spanks her OTK, then makes her bend over for the belt. Finally he makes her assume the position and wears her ass out with a ruler.

Watch Trailer (below)