Friday, June 16, 2017

Destiny's Attitude Readjustment (anal)

It is very important that you enforce discipline in the Strip Club. Strippers are all narcissistic little bitches who thinks that the sun rises and sets on their ass and that the rules do not apply to them. Outlaw has made Destiny head girl at the club. It is her job to keep the girls in line. However Destiny has let the position go to her head and has become the worse offender, coming in late, drinking on the job and disrespecting the customers. When the boss gives her the choice of either being fired or take a hard spanking, reluctantly she chooses the spanking. She is given a very hard OTK spanking her her bare ass, she is crying real tears before the boss is even halfway through. He then makes her stand up and gives uses the prison strap first over her YOGA pants then on the bare bottom. She is crying and begging before it is over. Not satisfied he bends her over and fucks her in the ass. Very hard anal sex. Shot from two different camera angles you get to see all the action. Very hard spanking.

Destiny Attitude Readjustment (anal)

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