Thursday, March 22, 2018


Poor Little Nikki in trouble again. This time a quantity of marijuana turns up at the club. Nikki blames Sierra on the pot and so Sierra gets a long hard spanking for the weed that wasn't hers. Soon however it comes to light that the dope sack was really Nikki's. Additionally Nikki has been lying about going to summer school, which she uses as an excuse to come in late, night after night but the truth is that she was never enrolled in school. Nikki is in a bad place, somewhere she never wanted to be. She is on Outlaw's bad side and he promises her the hardest spanking that he has ever given her this makes Nikki very nervous because she has been given some hard ones quite recently. First he puts the handcuffs on her, then she is made to go over the knee and Outlaw spanks her for a long time over ten minutes. He gets up and she is relieved and thinks it is over but no he just wants to put her over his lap in a chair so he can get more of a swing. He also has to get up and change shirts because he is sweating so much. He uses a hairbrush and a bath brush on her bare bottom and by this time she is crying uncontrollably this will continue for the rest of the spanking. She is made to bend over a chair and he spanks her with a nasty wooden ruler and a heavy leather strap. Finally when she thinks it is over he bends her over and ass fucks her. He makes her get on top and ass fucks her some more. This movie is 50 minutes of non-stop spanking action and butt fucking. 

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