Friday, January 12, 2018

Lexus's Fender Bender

Lexus's Fender Bender Outlaw has a 15 stripper passenger van that he uses to get the girls from one bar to another. This allows patrons of the Outlaw's Gentleman's clubs to see different girls throughout the night, instead of the same old ones all night long. Brown Barbie Lexus is one of the drivers of the van. Unfortunately for her she backs out and runs into another vehicle. Since Outlaw is all about company safety, Lexus must submit to Outlaw's Safety training program before she can go back to work driving the van. Of course being very old school Outlaw's course uses corporal punishment to drive home safety issues. Once Lexus's bottom is red and on fire, she isn't likely to forget her safety lessons. Outlaw first gives her a safety lecture then makes her go over his knee for a long hard safety spanking on her bare bottom. During the middle of the spanking with tears forming in Lexus's pretty eyes, he has her go to the kitchen and bring back a wooden scapula which he uses to drive home further safety points. With tears running out of her pretty eyes Lexus gets down on her knees to suck his cawk and swallowing another “safety” lesson. Safety first, Lexus learns this very important lesson.

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