Thursday, January 11, 2018

Spank the girls, Make them Cry

Three big booty girls from Binger Oklahoma, Country girl (black girl), Maria (Hispanic girl) and Mary Ann (white girl) come to big big city to be strippers and make their fortune and fame. Unfortunately they quickly get tangled up in drugs and prostitution. Lucky for them that they get caught by their club owner instead of the police. Rather than fire them or turn them over to the authorities he flushes their drugs and decides to give them a severe spanking. Mary Ann is last and she cries the most. After the hand spanking Outlaw bends them over and straps them good and maybe the dirtiest thing he does is make them spank each other. Mary Ann gets a double strapping because she doesn't hold her position while Maria was being spanked. Filmed in HD, severe spanking on the bare butts of three very naughty girls.


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