Friday, May 11, 2018

Student Nurses, Doctor's Paddle (Dixie)

Student Nurse Ella got her over the knee punishment. Now it is Dixie's Turn to face the music. She gives Doctor Bridgewater a lot of back talk but it does her no good because the good doctor is a stern disciplinarian get spanks Dixie's big bottom much the same way he did Ella's, maybe harder, unlike Ella however Dixie is very fowl mouthed during her punishment and this only makes the doctor go hard on her. He tells her that her bottom will be the shade of her red hair by the time he is finished and it is, maybe redder. Her her literally is glowing he spanks it so hard and you can see the bruises forming. Dixie's punishment is not over though, the good Doctor puts her on the fuck machine and works her over at full speed. The doctor paddles her while the fuck machine works it's magic. She orgasms in ecstasy and agony.
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